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Watch Korean Drama The King 2 Hearts, Lee Seung Gi, who falls in love with Ha Ji Won

Korean Drama The King 2 Hearts

Korean Drama The King 2 Hearts – One of these Korean dramas might be a recommendation for watching to fill your spare time at home. The King 2 Hearts is a drama series with the theme of issues between South Korea and North Korea.

This Korean drama is so neatly packaged in a storyline by the director, Lee Jae Gyu and Jung Dae Yoon. This series itself was released in 2012 and managed to attract enthusiastic interest from Korean fans not only in Korea but also in Indonesia.

In addition, The King 2 Hearts also stars some top Korean names such as Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi. guaranteed their presence will add to the excitement of watching this one series.

Not only that, there are some interesting reviews about the Korean drama The King 2 Hearts that you must watch. Immediately, let’s see together the following review.

Korean Drama The King 2 Hearts

The theme of the conflict between South Korea and North Korea from different sides

Korean Drama The King 2 Hearts – In the story, the series The King 2 Hearts raises the theme of the issue of the relationship between South and North Korea. It is known that the relationship between the two countries is so hot that today, South and North Korea have their respective ideologies to run their governments.

However, in this drama, both the writer and the director have succeeded in creating a unique storyline that presents elements of love and humor, which is very entertaining. Where the story focuses on the love story between Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won) who is a member of North Korea’s elite special forces and Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi) who is the prince of South Korea.


The storyline drains the emotions of the audience

Korean Drama The King 2 Hearts – In the story, it is told that Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi) is a prince who was appointed king of South Korea after his brother died. Then he also met an elite North Korean trooper named Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won).

In the clash of conflicts that were presented, it was seen how Lee Jae Ha fought for his love for Kim Hang Ah. where a prince is a lazy man but he tries to be with his love. More than that, his desire to unite two hostile countries to make peace.

From the storyline that is presented, you could say this will drain the emotions of anyone who watches it. The viewers will feel the sensation of emotion, sadness, and ridiculousness that go hand in hand.

The chemistry between Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won is well developed

From this drama, you could say Lee Seung Gi managed to portray the character Lee Jae Ha very nicely. He is an expert at acting into a character who acts silly. No doubt, Lee Jae Ha made the audience laugh at Lee Seung Gi’s strange behavior.

Ha Ji Won himself was also successful in playing the character Kim Hang Ah. Kim Hang AH himself is described as a woman who is smart and assertive in carrying out orders. However, she also did not lose her identity as a woman who had the charm of her true love.

No wonder the two of them end up having good chemistry with each other. Even in one of the scenes when the two of them were caught in a snowstorm, Kim Hang Ah tried to treat Lee Jae Ha’s wounds, the intimate charm of the two of them was seen which made the audience feel instantly.