this is the World Cup Bridge, the magnificent bridge that became the BTS stage

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BTS is stealing the world’s attention again. This time BTS performed in a different place. ARMY do you know where?
On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Wednesday (14/7) United States time, BTS performed the song Butter for ARMY. Reported from various sources, BTS sang on a bridge.

World Cup Bridge

Interestingly, this bridge is not an ordinary bridge. ARMY was also busy on Twitter, they quickly tracked down the existence of a bridge that still looks foreign in South Korea.

After being searched, apparently BTS was singing on the World Cup Bridge (World Cup Bridge). This bridge is new in Seoul and will be inaugurated in August.

World Cup Bridge
World Cup Bridge

The World Cup Bridge is built over the Han River. This bridge connects Mapo District and Yeongdeungpo District.

Construction of this bridge began in March 2010 and will be completed in August 2015. Unfortunately, there were financial constraints that delayed a number of building works.

This bridge was created to connect the Seobu Expressway to Mapo District. Prior to BTS, the World Cup Bridge has also been a shooting location for many Korean drama series and movies.
Some of them are; Taxi Driver (2021); Sisyphus: The Myth (2021); Legal High (2019); Touch Your Heart (2019); The Beauty Inside (2018); and Devilish Joy (2018).

World Cup Bridge

Filming usually takes place at the northern end of the bridge which is located south of World Cup Park in the Seoul Sangam area of ​​Mapo District.

When BTS performed, the grandeur of this bridge was showcased in such a way. The floodlights follow the beat of Butter’s music and add dramatic effect to the BTS dance.

World Cup Bridge

Silent, BTS performed without an audience due to the pandemic. Even so, that does not mean this show is not interesting. BTS looked stunning and ARMYs were proud!

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