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This is Chae Jong Hyeop, the ‘Nevertheless’ Sad Boy Candidate who has a crush on Han So Hee

Chae Jong Hyeop

Chae Jong Hyeop stole the attention of Korean drama viewers Nevertheless as Song Kang’s ‘rival’. The presence of his character adds to the excitement of the Korean drama Nevertheless.

The audience, however, was curious about who Han So Hee would be partnering with. Not a few also hoped that Han So Hee would choose Chae Jong Hyeop over Song Kang.

Chae Jong Hyeop started appearing in episode four of Korean dramas Nevertheless. He is told as Yang Dong Hyuk, a childhood friend of Yoo Na Bi (played by Han So Hee).

The two meet again in an unexpected way after 10 years apart. Dong Hyuk (Chae Jong Hyeop’s player) calls out to Na Bi who is sitting opposite him on the bus.


Dong Hyuk moves to Seoul and learns to cook after completing his military service. He works at a noodle shop located at the intersection of Hongseo University, Na Bi campus.

Unlike Jae Eon (Song Kang’s player) who is good at seducing, Dong-Hyuk is a shy person but doesn’t hesitate to show his attention to Na Bi.

The audience nevertheless melted with the treatment Chae Jong Hyeop’s character treated Han So Hee. He took her home and gave her an umbrella so that Na Bi wouldn’t get rained on.

Dong Hyuk also makes seaweed soup and chocolate cake on Na Bi’s birthday. He accompanies him when Jae Eon goes and meets his ex-girlfriend Yoon Seol Ah (Lee Yeol Eum).

He often shows support for Na Bi by praising her art. Dong Hyuk also gives lipstick as a gift and admits that he remembered Na Bi when he bought it.

Spoiler Episode 6 Nevertheless

The production team nevertheless revealed that Chae Jong Hyeop will bring about a change in Song Kang and Han So Hee’s relationship. Dong Hyuk and Na Bi’s closeness will make Jae Eon rethink his seriousness with Na Bi.

“A change will occur in Park Jae Eon, who has never previously sought certainty in his relationship. Yang Do Hyuk will play an important role in Park Jae Eon’s search to find answers to his and Yoo Na Bi’s relationship,” said the production team as reported by Soompi.

Chae Jong Hyeop

Chae Jong Hyeop and Han So Hee will be getting closer in the latest episode of Korean drama Nevertheless. The two will go on a date to a quiet village far from Seoul.

Dong Hyuk and Na Bi will also go shopping at a market, take a walk in the forest. In the photo shared by JTBC, Dong-Hyuk can’t take his eyes off Na Bi.

Viewers can look forward to the chemistry of Chae Jong Hyeop and Han So Hee, in episode six of Nevertheless, which will air on Saturday (24/7/2021) at 23.00 WIB on Netflix.