These 5 K-Pop Idol Variety Shows Are Fun to Watch in Your Free Time

5 K-Pop Idol Variety Shows That Are Fun to Watch

There are many ways for K-Pop idols to entertain and get closer to fans, one of which is by appearing on their variety shows. Not infrequently the management of certain groups produces variety shows specifically for their artists.
Their various fun activities outside of their life as idols are often shown here. Or other exciting things such as games and eating are servings for fans.

Here’s a row of entertaining K-Pop idols’ reality shows:

1. EXO Arcades

EXO Arcades is not EXO’s only variety show. But EXO Arcades is the only EXO variety show that shows the members’ humor when taking part in some exciting challenges. Here, you can see the competitive side of the members to win every game.

Currently, EXO Arcades is broadcasting its 2nd season and consists of six episodes that you can watch on EXO’s official YouTube channel.

2. NCT WORLD 2.0

This event became the first reality show attended by 23 NCT members, including Shotaro and Sungchan. NCT WORLD 2.0 has a concept like an alternative world that has multiple times and spaces.

Here, you can see the members traveling through time and space and from the past to the future. The members are told to be trapped in a high-tech time frame. To get out of that time frame, they must complete each different mission that requires them to show each of their charms and talents.


Similar to the previous two variety shows, in TREASURE MAP you will also see Hyunsuk Cs’ hilarious behavior when doing various challenges and games to test their cohesiveness.

Not only that, but in TREASURE MAP you can also see their daily activities which are broadcast in the form of daily vlogs. Until now, TREASURE MAP has entered its 50th episode which just aired a few days ago.


SEVENTEEN also has a fun variety show that has a similar concept to TREASURE. You can see the hilarious behavior and cohesiveness of Mingyu Cs when they have to complete each mission. GOING SEVENTEEN has several exciting episodes such as Treasure Island, Let’s Go! SEVENTEEN and GOING COMPANY. You can also see the excitement of the MV-making process and SEVENTEEN’s photoshoot in the INSIDE SEVENTEEN episode.


For those of you who idolize TWICE, TIME TO TWICE is a must-watch. In this variety show, you will see the excitement of Jihyo Cs while doing various exciting games. Not only games, but TIME TO TWICE also shows members who go on tours to several places to carry out challenges, which can make you closer to the members.

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