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The Penthouse 3 is almost over, this 4 character’s revenge action is awaited

The Penthouse 3

The Korean drama The Penthouse 3 leaves five final episodes. Viewers can look forward to the revenge attempts that the protagonists of The Penthouse 3 make against the villains.

The storyline of The Penthouse 3 follows the lives of the residents of Hera Palace after being released from prison. Their children have prepared themselves for the college entrance exams.

In The Penthouse 3, Cheon Seo Jin (played by Kim So Yeon) becomes the director of the Cheong-ah Arts Center. Meanwhile, Joo Dan Tae (Uhm Ki Joon) is promoting an illegal business project in the Cheonsu district.

Kang Ma Ri (played by Shin Eun Kyung) did not stay silent when she found out that her husband Yoo Dong Pil (player of Park Ho San) was threatened by Joo Dan Tae. He wants to reveal the truth behind the death of Oh Yoon Hee (player Eugene).

The following is the revenge action that the audience of The Penthouse 3 has been waiting for before the end:

Bae Ro Na

Bae Ro Na (player Kim Hyun Soo) managed to save his rival Ha Eun Byeol (player Choi Ye Bin) from Jin Boon Hong (player Ahn Yeon Hong). The tutor was ordered by Joo Dan Tae to hold him as a ‘captive’ to fight Cheon Seo Jin.

Bae Ro Na hid Ha Eun Byeol at his house. However, after the death of Oh Yoon Hee (player Eugene), Ha Eun Byeol received a drug that made him forget everything, including Bae Ro Na’s help.

The Penthouse 3

Ha, Eun Byeol thought Bae Ro Na’s mother had kidnapped and tried to kill her. This made Bae Ro Na furious and promised to clear her mother Oh Yoon Hee’s name.

“I will clear my mother’s name and drag you out of Seoul National University. Whatever I do now, it is your fault from now on,” said Bae Ro Na in episode six of The Penthouse 3.

Six months passed, Bae Ro Na became a stronger and braver person. He fought Ha Eun Byeol’s mother who tried to block his audition. Bae Ro Na wants to prove to Cheon Seo Jin that he can beat his daughter.

Kang Ma Ri

Kang Ma Ri is furious when she finds out that Yoo Dong Pil dumped Oh Yoon Hee’s body into the river, on Joo Dan Tae’s orders. She plans to file for divorce from her husband, who is still in the shadow of Joo Dan Tae.

The Penthouse 3

The mother of Yoo Jenny (played by Jin Ji Hee) met Shim Su Ryeon (player of Lee Ji Ah) and asked for her help. Kang Ma Ri wants to prove Joo Dan Tae’s involvement in Oh Yoon Hee’s death.

“I have a ‘card’ that I only play once in my life. I will use it for her (Oh Yoon Hee),” said Kang Ma Ri in episode six of The Penthouse 3.

Logan Lee

Logan Lee (played by Park Eun Seok) tragically died at the end of the second season of The Penthouse. Recently, it was revealed that Logan Lee survived the bomb explosion that Joo Dan Tae planned.

Cheon Seo Jin has put his suspicions on Joo Dan Tae. He asks his secretary to give Baek Joon Gi (played by On Joo Wan) a bag containing broken bones and transfers Logan Lee to an ambulance after the bomb explosion occurs.

The Penthouse 3

To keep his involvement a secret, Cheon Seo Jin asked Ha Yoon Cheol (played by Yoon Jong Hoon) to treat Logan Lee’s burns. The audience of The Penthouse 3 is curious about the reason Cheon Seo Jin saved Logan Lee.

How is Logan Lee’s revenge after recovering from burns? Will his life affect the rest of The Penthouse 3 characters?

Shim Su Ryeon

Shim Su Ryeon is determined to take revenge when she finds out Joo Dan Tae is the mastermind behind her best friend’s death. He remembered Oh Yoon Hee’s words that he wanted Shim Su Ryeon to live confidently like his twin Na Ae Gyo (Lee Ji Ah’s player).

Shim Su Ryeon finally got a butterfly tattoo on her shoulder like Na Ae Gyo. He also met his twin friends.

The situation is getting tenser in episode seven of The Penthouse 3 which airs Friday (16/7/2021). Shim Su Ryeon finds out that Joo Dan Tae has manipulated the birth of Joo Seok Kyung (played by Han Ji Hyun) who is supposedly a stepdaughter.

The Penthouse 3

Before he died, Oh Yoon Hee recorded a message on his watch. He revealed that Joo Seok Kyung is Shim Su Ryeon’s biological daughter and is the twin sister of Min Seol Ah (played by Jo Soo Min).

Shim Su Ryeon has experienced some misfortunes in The Penthouse trilogy. Will he be able to use his new identity to destroy Joo Dan Tae?

The Korean drama The Penthouse 3 airs every Friday at 22:00 KST on SBS. With a total of 12 episodes, viewers can watch The Penthouse 3 with Indonesian subtitles on Viu.