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The Latest News 7 Players Reply 1988, More and More There is a Flood of Korean Drama Offers

7 Players Reply 1988

7 Players Reply 1988 – Reply 1988 is a legendary Korean drama that is hard to forget. Even though it was broadcast six years ago, the warmth of the residents of Ssangmundong still remains in the hearts of the audience. How are players in Reply 1988 now?

The Korean drama Reply 1988 tells the story of five friends who grow up together in the Ssangmundong complex. The friendship between the Reply 1988 players continued into real life. They often meet on the sidelines of their busy schedule.

Until now, Reply 1988 has become the Korean drama with the highest rating at fourth. Its last episode, which aired in 2016, scored a rating of 18.8 percent. So do not be surprised if the Reply 1988 players flooded Korean film and drama offers.

The Korean drama Reply 1988 also witnessed the meeting of two players who were involved in the love of location. Until now, Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol have been dating since being spotted by Dispatch in 2017. So how are the other Reply 1988 players?

Here’s the latest news on the seven players in Reply 1988 who are increasingly existing:


1. Hyeri

7 Players Reply 1988
7 Players Reply 1988 – This 26-year-old actress entertained viewers with her hilarious actions in Reply 1988. Even fans can still imagine the figure of Sung Deok Sun when they see Hyeri.

The Reply 1988 player will star in My Roommate Is A Gumiho with Jang Ki Yong. The two of them have shown such strong chemistry that fans are worried about Ryu Jun Yeol’s reaction.


2. Park Bo Gum

7 Players Reply 1988
7 Players Reply 1988 – Park Bo Gum plays the figure of Taek who manages to conquer Hyeri’s heart. Like his character, the Reply 1988 player is known to be calm in real life.

Currently, Park Bo Gum is serving his military service and is in the navy band. His latest film with Gong Yoo, ‘Seo Bok’ has just aired this year.


3. Ryu Jun Yeol

7 Players Reply 1988
7 Players Reply 1988 – The Reply 1988 player made the audience sympathy for failing to win Hyeri’s heart. He plays the character Jung Hwan who is secretly romantic and caring.

Ryu Jun Yeol will star in the Korean drama Human Disqualification with Apink’s Naeun. Recently, he made fans roaring with his new haircut.


4. Go Kyung Pyo

7 Players Reply 1988
7 Players Reply 1988 – Go Kyung Pyo plays the character Sun Woo who is the ideal brother. He is smitten by Hyeri’s brother, Ryu Hye Young who is best friends with him in real life.

The Reply 1988 player will make a cameo in the Korean drama made by Netflix, D.P. He was recently paired with Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun in Private Lives.


5. Lee Dong Hwi

7 Players Reply 1988
7 Players Reply 1988 – Lee Dong Hwi made the audience laugh with his hilarious actions as Dong Ryong. Even though his father is a school principal, he often gets into trouble and has bad grades

The Reply 1988 player is rumored to be Jeon Yeo Bin’s partner in the Korean drama made by Netflix, Glitch. Most recently, he starred in the film New Year Blues with Yoo Yeon Seok.

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6. Ryu Hye Young

7 Players Reply 1988
7 Players Reply 1988 – The figure of Sung Bo Ra is still attached to this Reply 1988 player. He plays the role of a fierce older brother and has a backstreet relationship with his younger sibling’s friends.

Ryu Hye Young is currently starring in the Korean drama on going, Law School with Kim Bum. Like in Reply 1988, he became an ambitious law student.


7. Ahn Jae Hong

7 Players Reply 1988
7 Players Reply 1988

Ahn Jae Hong is known as Ryu Jun Yeol’s older brother, who failed the PTN exam many times. Even so, Jung Bong made his family suddenly rich after winning the lottery.

The Reply 1988 player recently starred in the film Time to Hunt with Lee Je Hoon. He also became a regular member of the Traveler program with Ong Seung Woo and Kang Ha Neul.