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Synopsis One the Woman, Honey Lee Ready to Play Two Very Different Roles!

Synopsis One the Woman

One the Woman is set to air as a replacement for Penthouse 3. What’s the story like?

SBS has prepared a drama that is no less exciting to replace Penthouse 3 which is ending soon. One the Woman stars Honey Lee, Lee Sang Yoon, Jin Seo Yeon, and Lee Won Geun. The director is Choi Young Hoon, who previously directed the SBS drama, Good Casting.

This drama tells the story of two women who accidentally switch identities, making their lives change drastically. Before it airs, take a look at the synopsis of One the Woman below!

Synopsis One the Woman

Synopsis One the Woman

One the Woman is a comedy drama whose story centers around a corrupt prosecutor who tries to find his memories after experiencing amnesia. He accidentally swaps identities with a chaebol (conglomerate) son-in-law who has the exact same face.

Jo Yeon Joo is the only daughter of a gang leader who graduated from Seoul University Law School and passed the bar exam brilliantly. She is a passionate and outspoken woman. His hobbies are getting sponsors and siding with influential people.

On the other hand, Kang Mi Na is the youngest daughter of Yumin Group and daughter-in-law of Hanju Group. As part of a conglomerate family, his appearance was very elegant and luxurious. But he is always criticized by his parents and in-laws because he was born out of wedlock.

Synopsis One the Woman

Han Seung Wook has been in love with Kang Mi Na for a long time. He is a perfect man inside and out. Seung Wook was born as the sole heir to Hanju Group, one of the most prominent companies in Korea. However, he was expelled after his father’s death.

Seung Wook moves to the United States with his mother after losing his first love as well as his position as heir. He managed to set up his own company, making him a first-generation chaebol instead of just an heir. Seung Wook returns to Korea to find out the truth behind his father’s death.

One the Woman Player

Synopsis One the Woman

Honey Lee takes on a completely different dual role, as the son-in-law of conglomerate Kang Mi Na and corrupt prosecutor Jo Yeon Joo. Lee Sang Yoon as Han Seung Wook, a rich man who can’t move on from his first love.

Jin Seo Yeon will play Han Sung Hye, the eldest daughter of the Hanju Group and Kang Mi Na’s sister-in-law. After completing his military service, Lee Won Geun returned to acting in three years as Jo Yeon Joo’s classmate An Yoo Joon.

One the Woman also stars a line of supporting cast including Jeon Gook Hwan, Kim Chang Wan, Na Young Hee, Hwang Young Hee, Kim Won Hae, Song Won Seok, Song Seung Ha, Lee Kyu Bok, Jo Yeon Hee, Kim Jae Young, Kim Bong Man, and Park Jung Hwa.

One the Woman Script Reading Session Portrait

Synopsis One the Woman

One the Woman’s first script reading session took place in May 2021, attended by all the main cast and supporting cast. All cast and crew adhere to COVID-19 health protocols, such as wearing masks, checking their temperature, cleaning their hands, and maintaining separation between players.

The producers praised the ability to immerse into each player’s role and expressed that the atmosphere on set was very pleasant. The cast has also shown great chemistry even though filming hasn’t officially started yet.

Honey Lee Plays Two Roles in One the Woman

Synopsis One the Woman

In the newly released stills, Honey Lee shows the unique charms of the two completely opposite characters. Even though they are very similar, their hairstyles, eyes, facial expressions and the vibes that radiate from them are clearly different.

Jo Yeon Joo has wavy hair and looks neat and confident. On the other hand, Kang Mi Na has long, straight hair and looks more elegant and calm. Her vibe is completely different from Jo Yeon Joo’s.

Lee Sang Yoon’s charm becomes a conglomerate in One the Woman

Synopsis One the Woman

One the Woman is Lee Sang Yoon’s comeback drama since VIP one and a half years ago. In the first cut of his role, the handsome actor born in 1981 looks amazingly handsome and exudes a noble charm.

The photo shows Han Seung Wook at the airport, wearing sunglasses and a casual shirt. This man displayed gentle charisma and a dazzlingly handsome face. He seemed to greet someone with a warm smile that made it cool.

Can’t wait to see One the Woman soon? Wait until September 17!