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Synopsis and Cast of You Are My Spring, Fantasy-Romantic Drama on Netflix

Synopsis You Are My Spring

The Korean drama You Are My Spring officially replaces the broadcast of Doom at Your Service on tvN. Returning to the theme of fantasy and romance, the premiere of You Are My Spring achieved ratings of 3.3 percent and 3.5 percent, respectively.
You Are My Spring is stealing attention because it stars Seo Hyun Jin who is known as the ‘Rom-Com Queen’. With a total of 16 episodes, You Are My Spring airs every Monday and Tuesday at 21.00 KST on tvN. Viewers can also watch You Are My Spring with Indonesian subtitles on Netflix.

Synopsis You Are My Spring

You Are My Spring follows the lives of three main players who have childish minds but have grown up. They settled in the Gugu Building, which became the scene of a mysterious murder.

Kang Da Jeong (played by Seo Hyun Jin) is the concierge manager of a luxury hotel. Outside of his daily life, he maintains a motel he once occupied in the Gangneung area, as his mental resting place.

Kang Da Jeong stays at Gugu Building to start a new chapter in her life. Underneath his residence, there is Joo Young Do (played by Kim Dong Wook) who opens a psychiatric clinic. He is a psychiatrist who helps his patients have a zest for life.

Chae Joon (played by Yoon Park) is the CEO of an investment company, who appears to Da Jeong as if he already knows her. He showed his interest in her openly even though he clapped his hands.

There is also Ahn Ga Yeong (Nam Gyu Ri), an actress who is careful about feelings of love because of her past relationship. He is taken advantage of by his ex-girlfriend, who is also his ex-manager.

Player, You Are My Spring Pemain

1. Seo Hyun Jin

Synopsis You Are My Spring
Seo Hyun Jin started his career as a K-Pop idol and joined the group M.I.L.K. This 1985-born actress made her acting debut through the musical The Sound of Magic until finally she was known as ‘Rom-Com Queen’ because she subscribed to starring in romantic comedy Korean dramas.

Before starring in You Are My Spring, Seo Hyun Jin was known for her role in the Korean drama Another Miss Oh, Dr. Romantic, and Temperature of Love. In the first episode of You Are My Spring, it was revealed that his character Kang Da Jeong has trauma related to family and love.

2. Kim Dong Wook

Synopsis You Are My Spring

The 37-year-old actor made his acting debut through several short films. He became widely known when he became a supporting actor for the Korean drama Coffee Prince. Kim Dong Wook was recently paired with Moon Ga Young in the Korean drama Find Me in Your Memory.

In the Korean drama You Are My Spring, Kim Dong Wook plays Joo Young Do, a psychiatrist who opens a clinic on the third floor of the Gugu Building. He was married to Ahn Ga Yeong (player Nam Gyu Ri) for one year and then divorced.

3. Yoon Park

2. Kim Dong Wook

Yoon Park is an actor born in 1987 who started his career as a drummer for Can’t Play Well and plunged into the world of acting through the Korean drama Read My Lips. He previously starred in the Korean dramas Radio Romance, Search, and Birthcare Center.

The star of You Is My Spring plays Chae Joon, the CEO of an investment company who follows Kang Da Jeong for two months in a row. In the first episode, it was revealed that he has an antisocial personality disorder and is Joo Young Do’s patient.

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4. Nam Gyu Ri

2. Kim Dong Wook

The 36-year-old actress first started her career as the leader of the vocal trio SeeYa. Nam Gyu Ri made his acting debut through the horror film Death Bell, then starred in the Korean drama 49 Days, Children of Nobody, and Kairos.

Nam Gyu Ri plays Ahn Ga Yeong, an actress who has an outspoken nature and is traumatized by love. In the first episode of You Are My Spring, it was revealed that Ahn Ga Yeong is still friends with her ex-husband Kim Dong Wook.