Summer Themed, These 9 K-Pop Girl Group MVs Make You Want to Have a Vacation

K-Pop Girl Group MV

KPop idols never seem to run out of ideas in every comeback. They also tried various concepts, ranging from swag, dark, to cheerful though.

So are KPop girl groups. Many of them chose the cheerful summer concept in the MV of the song.

Featuring bright visuals and a thick summer vibe, the nine K-Pop girl group MVs below can even make you want to take a vacation.

1. Sistar – Touch My Body

Always referred to as Summer Girl Group, when making a summer comeback, Sistar is always awaited by fans. This is because the feel of the beach to the fresh and cheerful impression makes anyone want to take a vacation.

2. Girls Generation – Party

The song “Party” from Girl Generation or SNSD shows the beauty of nature, namely the sea from noon to sunset. The beauty of the summer has made anyone tempted to enjoy exciting activities on the beach.

3. TWICE – Dance The Night Away

TWICE took the beach as the backdrop for the MV for their song “Dance The Night Away”. Just like the title of the song, TWICE shows the atmosphere at night on the beach is no less beautiful. You can make a bonfire while dancing with your friends.

4. MAMAMOO – Starry Night

Indeed, the beach is so synonymous with summer. However, in the MAMAMOO MV entitled “Starry Night”, the audience is also presented with various natural beauties beside the beach. Hills to shady trees on the beach are also the main attraction in this MAMAMOO MV.

5. WJSN – Boogie Up\

The WJSN members were seen appearing in bright and cute summer outfits. In the “Boogie Up” MV, WJSN also looks to enjoy the fun of a vacation with friends on a beautiful beach.

6. ELRIS – Summer Dream

The ELRIS group members did the same thing. They choose the beach as a place to play and have fun with friends. They also spend time together until the sun goes down.

7. Sistar – Loving U

Sister is back with a beach setting and having fun with friends in the “Loving U” MV. The Sistar members were also seen traveling by car to the beach with friends. Makes you want a vacation, here!

8. AOA – Good Luck

Playing in the waves to running with friends on the beach is a fun activity when summer arrives. This was also proven by the AOA members who participated in enjoying the sunset together.

9. TWICE – Alcohol-Free

Not long ago, TWICE also made a summer comeback with the song “Alcohol-Free”. The concept of bohemian, summer, and beach is so integrated into the MV. Cheerful, fresh, and delicious!

Various concepts continue to be tried by K-Pop idol groups, including girl groups. The summer concept is quite a mainstay, like the nine MVs above.

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