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Spoiler Nevertheless Episode 5, Han So Hee Meets Ex-Song Kang

Nevertheless Episode 5

I feel, Korean drama Nevertheless is in the middle of the episode. The Korean drama, starring Han So Hee and Song Kang, only has 10 episodes and airs once a week. Nevertheless, the production team intended to revive the excitement of the original webtoon.
Nevertheless, it is a Korean drama that is eagerly awaited every Saturday night. Han So Hee is told as Yoo Na Bi, who doesn’t believe in love but wants to date. Meanwhile, Song Kang plays Jae Eon who likes to seduce women but is reluctant to date.

Nevertheless Episode 5

In episode 4 Nevertheless, Na Bi and Jae Eon’s relationship began to run smoothly. The two of them indulged in affection like lovers and met every Sunday night at Na Bi’s apartment. On the one hand, Na Bi starts to get excited and wonders why the two can’t date.

Even though they often spend time together, there is always a distance between Jae Eon and Na Bi. The junior was reluctant to talk about his personal life. Na Bi is curious when Jae Eon receives Yoon Seol Ah’s (Lee Yeol Eum’s) phone call and follows him quietly.

Na Bi again catches Jae Eon getting a phone call from his ex. Jae Eon who was at Na Bi’s apartment chose to leave and said his friend needed him. He didn’t make seaweed soup to celebrate Na Bi’s birthday.

Spoiler Episode 5 Nevertheless
Things seem to be getting tenser in the latest episode Nevertheless, which airs on Saturday (17/7/2021). The production team nevertheless shared photos featuring Na Bi and Seol Ah’s meeting.

Seol Ah is like a barrier between Jae Eon and Na Bi’s relationship. The reason is, Jae Eon always puts him first even though the two have separated. On the one hand, Seol Ah is starting to get annoyed because her ex pays special attention to Na Bi.

Nevertheless Episode 5

Previously, Seol Ah and Na Bi had only watched each other from afar. However, in episode 5 Nevertheless, the two women in Jae Eon’s life will come face to face when they meet on campus.

Na Bi picks up the purple lighter that Seol Ah dropped, and the woman looks at Na Bi with a tense expression. As is known, lighters are items that are often played by Jae Eon.

The production team for the Korean drama Nevertheless reminded viewers to pay attention to the look on Na Bi’s face, who was trying to calm down after meeting Seol Ah.

“Na Bi and Seol Ah have known each other without realizing it. Finally, the two of them face each other and will confirm the truth about the anxiety in their hearts,” said the production team Nevertheless, as reported by Soompi.

Meanwhile, the audience was curious about the end of episode 4, where Jae Eon was visited by a mysterious man who beat him. The audience’s curiosity will be answered in episode 5 Nevertheless, which will air on Saturday (17/7/2021) at 23.00 WIB on Netflix.