Song Joong Ki being a naughty kid: I’m hard to control!

Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki is now at the top of the list of Korean actors whose appearances in television dramas and feature films are always eagerly awaited. After Vincenzo, his popularity doesn’t seem to diminish! Not long ago, Song Joong Ki held an online fan meeting and he talked a lot about his childhood.

A confession was made by Song Joong Ki. One of them is about how he became a recalcitrant child when he was still sitting on the kindergarten bench. He even called himself hard to control.

“At that time I was difficult to control,” said Song Joong Ki.

Song Joong Ki– There is also a funny story that was shared by the actor. Apparently, during kindergarten, he always entered and was in a class that he shouldn’t have. Because in the next class there is a girl that Song Joong Ki has a crush on. :Song Joong Ki Update

Be the actor who puts out his wayward stance by wrongly entering the class. In addition, he also often broke the fish tank in class during kindergarten, even three times a year.

“I was in the apricot flower class but I always sat in the azalea class because the girl I liked was there,” he said.

At the same event, Song Joong Ki also shared his childhood photos. It can be seen in these photos, the actor’s hair is always ponytail upwards. Even though for fans now this photo looks cute and adorable, it seems that it was quite annoying to him first.  :Song Joong Ki Update

“What I hear from my parents when I look at my childhood photos, my hair is always tied up in all the photos. I think my parents want a daughter as their second child, so my hair is tied up like that,” he admits.  :Song Joong Ki Update

Because of that hair tie, many people rated Song Joong Ki as beautiful. That too annoyed him as a child.