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School 2021 Controversy, Delayed by 2 Years Until Main Actor Left

The screening of the Korean School 2021 drama is now increasingly uncertain. The reason is, the drama that fans of the school series have been waiting for, a few days ago again stumbled upon controversy because Kim Young Dae suddenly resigned from School 2021 due to differences in character that were far from the initial discussion.

Korean Drama School 2021


But long before Kim Young Dae’s decline, there were a series of controversies that colored the School 2021 production process since early 2020. Here are a series of controversies about School 2021:

1. Originally titled School 2020

School 2021 is planned to be produced in 2020 under the title School 2020, which production plans have been made since late 2019. Since early 2020, KBS has also announced Kim Yo Han Wei is lined up as the main character named Kim Tae Jin.

At that time, KBS also announced that it would start the shooting process for School 2020 in March last year.

2. Joining Ahn Seo Hyun and Kim Sae Ron

A month later, Ahn Seo Hyun was confirmed as the main character alongside Kim Yohan. However, suddenly the name Kim Sae Ron, who had previously been confirmed as the main character, was reported to be replacing Ahn Seo Hyun’s position.

3. Ahn Seo Hyun Resigns

One day after Kim Sae Ron was confirmed as Kim Yohan’s opponent, represented by his father Ahn Seo Hyun finally spoke up about his involvement in School 2020.

Seo Hyun had followed the entire script reading process, but she was forced to withdraw because the production team kept delaying signing the contract. Until finally the production team forced Seo Hyun to resign for no apparent reason.

4. Change of Title and Story

School 2020 production had stopped in the middle of the road. But at the end of 2020, KBS announced that it would not air the drama.

Instead, they decided to change the whole story and title to School 2021 and still keep Kim Yo Han as the main character. The role of Kim Yo Han, originally named Kim Tae Ji, was changed to Do Bin.

5. Joining Kim Young Dae to Cho Yi Hyun

School 2021 again gets a bright spot. After three months of considering this offer, last May Kim Young Dae was confirmed to join Kim Yo Han.

Following Kim Young Dae, young actresses Cho Yi Hyun and Hwang Bo Reum Byeol also officially joined School 2021. Until last June, KBS confirmed the lineup of the main cast for School 2021.

6. Kim Young Dae Resigns

Some time ago, School 2021 was again involved in controversy because Kim Young Dae decided to resign. This has also been confirmed by Kim Young Dae’s agency.

However, unlike Kim Young Dae’s agency, School 2021 denied the actor resignation because the production team never approved Kim Young Dae’s resignation. The production team and KBS are said to be negotiating with Kim Young Dae’s side and will announce the final decision at a later date.