Sad but Energetic Songs from Day6 to Complete Your Playlist

sad but energetic song from Day6

Day6 can be relied on for sad songs but full of energy. Because sometimes all we need is to cry while prancing on the floor.
Day6 is a Korean band under JYP Entertainment consisting of Sungjin (guitar and vocals), Jae (guitar and vocals), Young K (bass and vocals), Wonpil (keyboards/synthesizer and vocals), and Down (vocals and drums). They prove that broken heart lyrics don’t have to make you sob in bed.

1. Days Gone By

This song is perfect for those of you who reminisce about a beautiful past relationship. Taken from the fourth mini-album, Youth Part 2: Remember Us, Day6 managed to convey that it’s not wrong to just look back on the good times when you were in love.

2. Somehow

Feeling sorry and empty after leaving someone? If so, you can play Somehow. There must be a feeling of tightness when you have just said goodbye to someone. Don’t worry, over time the wound can heal by singing this song.

3. Sing Me

The term slave love is already familiar to the ear. So, if you’re experiencing this and hope the same person reciprocates your feelings no matter how long it takes, please choose to Sing Me. Wonpil’s touch of electro melody makes you want to sing and dance with Sing Me.

4. I Wait

Everyone knows that unrequited love is very painful. The hardest part is when you can’t afford to leave and are still waiting for a glimmer of hope. Now you decide, leave or keep waiting?

5. Lean on Me

People say love is blind. When your crush is heartbroken because of someone else, patiently you become a place to lean on. That’s what Day6 wants to convey through Lean on Me. You still open your arms wide when your crush is hurt. The perfect combination to stir.

Those are the songs happy on the outside, sad on the inside from Day6. What song do you think hits your chest the most?

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