Represented, These 10 KPop Songs Are Very Fit To Accompany Your Anxiety

KPop songs for troubled friends

Millennials are no stranger to songs from South Korean groups or what is commonly called KPop. Most popular K-Pop songs have a fast tempo with lyrics and musical accompaniment that excites the listeners.

For example the song “How You Like That” from BLACKPINK, “Alcohol-Free” by TWICE, “Dynamite” by BTS, “Power” from EXO, and many more. In addition to these encouraging songs, each group also has a sad song, you know.

Many mellow K-Pop songs are produced, although not as popular as songs suitable for dance. Just like the songs of local troubled friends, mellow KPop songs are also suitable to accompany the turmoil of the heart.

Some songs represent the listener’s feelings with various causes of confusion, especially about romance. For those of you who are confused and bored with your playlist, here are ten recommendations for KPop songs that are suitable to accompany your turmoil. Check this out!

1. NCT Dream has a song called “My Youth”, which represents your feelings when you suddenly remember your ex and want to reminisce about the good times together

2. For those of you who regret breaking up with him, iKON’s comeback single “Why Why Why” can accompany your confusion and regret. Come on, move on!

3. Day6’s songs can always stir up a broken soul, including the song “I Loved You” which depicts someone trying to hate their ex to forget him

4. TXT’s “Anti-Romantic” is on the rise, perfect for those of you who are tired of love stories that always run aground or never get their heart

5. The song “Abyss” which was created and sung by Jin BTS can represent the feelings of someone who feels bittersweet PDKT or it could be for people who have problems with their partners

6. Not only pauses, but Blackpink also has a sad song “Hope Not” expressing their willingness to break up with their boyfriend. Aww, it hurts!

7. Joyful and immersive, NCT U’s “My Everything” can be your friend when you are overthinking the future of your relationship with him

8. Another sadboy song from iKON, “Flower” depicts your feelings of secretly regretting breaking up in a bad way

9. NCT 127 has a friendzone victim song, if you have already expressed your feelings and it makes you regret it, then the song “No Longer” clearly describes your feelings

10. Upset because he is getting away? Try listening to “Not Mine” – Day6 which can represent your feelings or it can also code the person to be sensitive

How? All feelings of confusion because of romance are already represented by the songs above, right? Make these songs as your troubled friends.

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