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Recommendations for the Most Popular Romantic Comedy Korean Drama Must Watch, Fill Your Free Time

Romantic Comedy Korean Drama
Romantic Comedy Korean Drama

Romantic Comedy Korean Drama – Korean drama production is never-ending. A variety of new titles appear every year, with a variety of genres. Ranging from thrillers, romantic comedies, family dramas, and many more. This Korean drama is never empty of fans in the international market.

One of the most popular genres is a romantic comedy. You can find many South Korean stars who skyrocketed their names after starring in romantic comedy Korean dramas. The story is light and relatable to everyday life is also the main attraction.

For that, here are 10 of the most popular and must-watch Korean romantic comedy dramas, which are reported from preview. ph and soompi.com. Enjoy watching!


1. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (2016)

The first romantic comedy Korean drama recommendation is Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo which aired in 2016. This is one of the romantic comedy-drama titles that are still widely discussed today because of its funny and interesting story.

Who doesn’t like stories with the background of student life in college? This coming-of-age series follows the story of elite college athletes as they chase their dreams while experiencing life and love for the first time.

Promising weightlifter Kim Bok-Joo, in particular, finds himself torn between his goals and his unexpectedly developing love life. This drama stars Lee Sung-kyung, Nam Joo-hyuk, Lee Jae-yoon, Kyung Soo-jin.


2. Because This Is My First Life (2017)

The second recommended romantic comedy Korean drama titled Because This Is My First Life aired in 2017. This drama stars Lee Min-ki, Jung So-min, Park Byung-Eun, Esom.

Tells the story of a poor man and a homeless woman, both in their 30s, who devise a plan to get married and save money in the process. The two agree to live together but soon realize that marriage comes with many complications and demands that they were less able to anticipate.


3. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018)

The third recommended romantic comedy Korean drama is What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, which aired in 2018. Tells the story of Lee Young Joon who is the vice president of his family company. A self-absorbed and narcissistic person, he is barely aware of the efforts of those around him, let alone his loyal and patient secretary Kim Mi So.

Wanting more in life, Mi So suddenly decides to step down from her nine-year post, leading to a series of hilarious misunderstandings that bring the two opposite personalities closer together. This drama stars Park Seo-Joon, Park Min-young, Lee Tae-hwan, and Pyo Ye-jin.


4. Touch Your Heart (2019)

The fourth recommended romantic comedy Korean drama is a drama entitled Touch Your Heart. This drama aired in 2019 and stars Yoo In-na, Lee Dong-Wook, Lee Sang-woo, and Son Sung-Yoon. After being involved in a damaging scandal, the career of a famous actress took a fatal blow, leaving her without a project for two years.

She then hears that a famous screenwriter is interested in hiring her to star in a lead role in a drama, the actress takes the opportunity and prepares for the character by becoming the secretary of a cold-hearted lawyer who has absolutely no interest in her.


5. I Am Not a Robot (2017)

The fifth recommended romantic comedy Korean drama is I Am Not a Robot which aired in 2017. This drama stars Yoo Seung-ho, Chae Soo-bin, and Um Ki-Joon. Kim Min Kyu, a wealthy shareholder of a financial company, suffers from a “human allergy” that makes him isolated and unable to have normal interactions with other people.

His life then brings him into a circle of robots with artificial intelligence named Aji 3 who are similar to Jo Ji Ah. Hoping to get funding, Hong Baek Gyun, the founder of Aji 3, presents his work to Min Kyu. The robot breaks down in the process and Baek Gyun begs the real Jo Ji Ah to replace him for a moment, unbeknownst to Min Kyu.


6. Her Private Life (2019)

The sixth recommended romantic comedy Korean drama entitled Her Private Life aired in 2019. This drama stars Park Min-young, Kim Jae-Wook, Ahn Bo-Hyun, and Jung Jae-won. Tells the story of Sung Deok Mi who is a dedicated professional gallery curator with dark secrets.

She is the main fangirl of Cha Shi An from the White Ocean. He even manages a famous fansite for him. When dating rumors about him and Shi An come to light, Ryan Gold, a former artist and new director of the gallery he works for, suggests that they pretend to be dating to rid Deok Mi of Shi An’s jealous and rabid fans.


7. Strong Girl Bong-Soon (2017)

The seventh recommended romantic comedy Korean drama is Strong Girl Bong-Soon which aired in 2017. This drama stars Park Bo-young, Park Hyung-Sik, and Ji Soo. Born with Herculean powers, petite and seemingly kind-hearted, Do Bong Soon is hired by Ahn Min Hyuk, the childish CEO of a game company, to protect him from anonymous threats.

He falls in love with Bong Sun, but sadly, Bong-soon has already set his sights on her high school friend, a rookie police officer named In Guk Doo. A love triangle occurs when Bong Soon struggles to protect those around her, including keeping Min Hyuk safe.


8. Oh My Venus (2015)

The eighth recommended romantic comedy Korean drama is Oh My Venus which aired in 2015. When a 33-year-old lawyer was dumped by his girlfriend because of his weight gain, he enlisted the help of the famous Hollywood personal trainer, Kim Young Ho to change his life. This drama stars So Ji-sub, Shin Min-a, Jung Gyu-Woon, and Yoo In-young.


9. Shopping King Louis (2016)

The ninth recommended romantic comedy Korean drama entitled Shopping King Louis aired in 2016. Louis, a rich shopaholic heir to a business empire, his life is turned upside down when he becomes homeless after suffering from amnesia. He then takes him to meet Koh Bok Shi, a simple country girl who teaches him to survive with only necessities. This drama stars Seo In-guk, Nam Ji-hyun, Yoon Sang-hyun, and Im Se-mi.


10. She Was Pretty (2015)

The tenth recommended romantic comedy Korean drama is She Was Pretty which aired in 2015. When his now handsome first love, Ji Sung Joon, asks to meet him, Hye Jin convinces her attractive roommate to take her place and pretends to be Hye Jin.

However, complications arise when she finds a job at Sung Joon’s magazine company where she openly treats him with disdain, without knowing that she is his childhood friend. This drama stars Hwang Jung-eum, Park Seo-Joon, Go Joon-hee, and Choi Si-won.