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Reasons to Watch Korean Drama Cheese in the Trap, the Love Story of Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin

Korean Drama Cheese in the Trap

Korean Drama Cheese in the Trap – Cheese in the Trap is a Korean drama released in early 2016. This series is an adaptation of the Webtoon of the same title. The series itself was released on the famous Asian television station, tvN.

At the time of its release, Cheese in the Trap became the most popular Korean drama throughout 2016 for Korean drama lovers. This is inseparable from the main characters who star in this one series.

This series stars two well-known Korean artists, namely Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun. the two of them themselves already have a lot of experience in the acting world of this Ginseng country. Both of them have starred in many films and series.

Not only that, several interesting reasons make you Korean fans must watch this series. Come on, let’s see together interesting reviews of the Korean drama Cheese in the Trap.


Park Hae Jin plays a mysterious man

Korean Drama Cheese in the Trap – In this series, Park Hae Jin plays a student named Yoo Jung who is very popular among his friends. However, he has a cold nature and is also a bit mysterious.

If you look at his appearance, Yoo Jung is very handsome and cool and he is also a very rich kid. But no one can understand and know the other side of him.

Until one day, when he met Hong Seol, played by Kim Go Eun. At first, Hong Seol thought that Yoo Jung had an interest in him but it turned out that this assumption was wrong.


Kim Go Eun plays a hardworking girl

Korean Drama Cheese in the Trap – Cheese in the Trap is very interesting to watch because this is Kim Go Eun’s debut in playing a small-screen series. Previously she was known as an actress who starred in a series of films.

In the story in this series, she plays Hong Seol who is a hardworking girl. Hong Seol had to lose time in his youth, where he had to go to college while working to make ends meet and succeed in achieving the goals he wanted.


A story of friendship that is always together in joy and sorrow

This drama does not only present a love story. There is a story of friendship that should be used as a lesson for all of us where Hang Seol’s two friends always support and comfort him when he is in a downturn.

They are Nam Joo Hyuk and Park Min Ji who also star in this series and become Kim Go Eun’s best friends in this drama. Their friendship is so touching for anyone who watches this drama series.


Shows a nostalgic side of campus life

Watching this drama will make us miss college. Each character in this drama represents college student characters. College is an exciting time. Apart from being busy in college, students have plenty of time to do other activities.

The drama Cheese in the Trap also teaches us about the dangers of making personal assumptions. Communication is needed to avoid wrong assumptions and unnecessary responses. Curious? The success of the drama Cheese in the Trap made this webtoon finally adapted into a big-screen film.