Profile of 3 Cheating Girls in Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce)

Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce)

The Korean drama Love(ft. Marriage & Divorce) 2 is increasingly showing an interesting storyline. In the latest episode, the audience was furious because of Sa Pi Young’s husband (Park Joo Mi), Shin Yu Shin, who was desperate to bring his mistress, A Mi (Song Ji In), to stay at their house.

Not only one, but the identities of the other two husbands’ mistresses were also finally exposed by the wives. They are Song Won (Lee Min Young) and Nam Ga Bin (Lim Hye Young).

Here are the facts about the three actors in Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce) 2:

1. Lee Min Young

Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce)

Lee Min Young, who plays Song Won, the mistress of Pan Sa Hyun (Sung Hoon), is a Korean actress who has started her career as a child actress. Having a career for decades, he starred in several famous dramas such as Strongest Delivery Man, Hotel Del Luna, and Docter Prisoner.

In 2007, Min Young was involved in a violent scandal by her ex-husband, Lee Chan, who was rumored to have hit and kicked her. The incident left Min Young with a broken bone and a miscarriage.

Due to this incident, Lee Min Young finally divorced Lee Chan. Since then, he has decided to take a hiatus from his artistic life for 5 years.


2. Song Ji In

Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce)

A Mi’s character, played by Song Ji In, is a Korean actress who debuted as a model for Davichi’s Love and War video clip. Career since 2008, Ji In is also often hired as an advertising model.

Besides Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce), there are many popular dramas that he has starred in, including Haechi, Queen For Seven Days, to Mr. Lawyer, Mr. Joe. Ji In also often plays in big-screen films such as Cart, Obsessed, and The Servant.


3. Lim Hye Young

Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce)

This 1982-born actress just made her debut in the acting world in 2016 through her role as Kang Min A in the drama Oh My Geum Bi. Since starring in her first drama, Lim Hye Young’s face has never been seen on television again.

But this year, he decided to end his hiatus by playing in a film called Three Sisters last January and Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) as Nam Ga Bin, the mistress of Jeon Hae Ryun (Jeon No Min).