These 10 K-Pop Songs went viral on TikTok during the first half of 2021

This K-Pop Song Goes Viral on TikTok

Continues to grow every year, KPop music is indeed increasingly loved by many people. It is proven that in the first half of 2021, many K-Pop songs have become hits and have gone viral on TikTok. Often appearing on the For You Page homepage, this line of K-Pop songs is even so popular among non-fans.

I’m addicted, here are ten K-Pop songs that went viral on TikTok during the first half of 2021. What songs do you think?

1. A b-sidetrack from the mini-album BORDER: CARNIVAL, the song “Fever” managed to have a big impact on ENHYPEN’s first comeback

2. So catchy and energetic, don’t be surprised if Weekly’s “After School” is often covered by many people

3. Although it has been released since 2018, the song “What Is Love?” TWICE’s hits are back to viral on TikTok in 2021

4. With electronic pop that sounds so emotional, TXT’s “Anti-Romantic” song will indeed make anyone addicted

5. It’s not enough to just play once, the song “SHOOT!” ITZY’s must be included in your favorite playlist

6. Successfully becoming the longest song to top the Billboard Hot 100, BTS’s “Butter” can be a mood booster for listeners

7. Not only the music that sounds so easy listening, but the song “Permission to Dance” also has such a deep meaning

8. So inspiring, the challenge of using IU’s song “Celebrity” also became a trend on TikTok. Did you join?

9. It is a hip-hop song with a touch of Afrobeat music, a combination of dance, rap, and NCT DREAM’s vocals in the song “Hot Souce”.

10. It’s so addictive, Aespa’s song “Next Level” is even banned from playing during the exam season in South Korea, you know

The KPop song above has succeeded in making anyone who hears it addicted. This is all thanks to the beautiful melodies, vocals, and lyrics. Makes you addicted, which songs often appear on your For You Page?

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