Moving, these 9 K-Pop songs use sign language

Performance of 9 K-Pop Songs Using Sign Language

Music is a form of communication that transcends language barriers. This is evidenced by the popularity of KPop in many countries, not only in Korea.

In addition, KPop idols also have fans from various circles. Some of these K-Pop idols use sign language in their appearance so that the message they want to convey can be accepted by anyone. Want to know what songs are there? Come on, see below.

1. Starry Night – Mamamoo

Mamamoo’s Starry Night is a song that carries a melancholy theme about this painful breakup and the difficulties of moving on. One of the highlights of Mamamoo’s song this time is a choreography where all the members dance a sign language move which means ‘shining star’ in the chorus.

2. Red Flavor – Red Velvet

Red Velvet’s Red Flavor is suitable to accompany our summer. In addition to the fresh concept and catchy music, it turns out that other things also steal the attention of this Red Velvet song. If we pay attention, in the lower-left corner of the Red Flavor MV we will find that the Red Velvet members are translating the lyrics of the Red Flavor song into sign language.

3. Heal Song – Laboum

Heal Song from Laboum is perfect for those of you who are looking for a calming song. With lyrics that give listeners strength in their daily lives, the members also ended the performance with sign language so that the message of the song can reach listeners from all walks of life.

4. Butterfly – Weki Meki

In celebration of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, Weki Meki sent a beautiful message of support and encouragement to the participants through this beautiful song Butterfly. In addition, the entire choreography of this song is made from the lyrics translated into sign language.

5. First Love – BOL4

Next is the song First Love from BOL4, a ballad that tells the story of a sweet and innocent first love. This song can bring listeners back in time to reminisce about their first love. In their performance for this song, they simultaneously translate the lyrics of the song into sign language to bring listeners closer to the music.

6. Missing You – BTOB

There is also BTOB that includes sign language in the choreography of their song titled Missing You. Interestingly, this was entirely the idea of ​​the BTOB members. The sign language they use means, ‘A year has passed when I was missing you,’ which is also true to the lyrics. They once performed with a fan who has hearing difficulties, you know!

7. Permission to Dance – BTS

Permission to Dance is a song from BTS’ latest comeback in 2021. With a fun theme and catchy music, BTS wants to invite the whole world to dance and leave all their worries behind for a moment. One of the highlights of this song is the multiple sign language that is part of the choreography. The sign language they use means dance, enjoy, to peace.

8. Thanks – Seventeen

As the title implies, Seventeen wants to convey their sincere gratitude through the song Thanks. One of the things that are of concern is where they use sign language which means thank you as part of their song this time. What a sweet way to say thank you to all the fans, huh?

9. Over The Sky – Dreamcatcher

Finally, there is the song Over The Sky by Dreamcatcher. This song is about longing for someone important to him in the past, where he promises to meet again in the future. In the lyrics, ‘I promise we will meet again,’ Dreamcatcher adds a sign language gesture that means ‘promise.’

Well, those are some KPop idol songs or performances that use sign language. So sweet, huh?

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