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Meet 4 Blue Birthday Stars Apart from Yeri and Hongseok

Meet 4 Blue Birthday Stars Apart from Yeri and Hongseok

The web drama Blue Birthday has aired its premiere episode on July 23, 2021. The drama is about Oh Ha Rin (Yeri), who returns to the past after seeing mysterious photos left by her first love, Ji Seo Jun (Hongseok) who died on the day of Ha Rin’s birthday was 10 years ago.

Ha Rin only has 8 chances to go back in time. He decides to confess his love for Seo Jun, but his childhood friend commits suicide in a shocking manner.

Ha Rin also works at an abandoned pet shelter. Blue Birthday also began to attract attention because of the sweet chemistry between Yeri and Hongseok.

The popularity is also inseparable from the acting of the supporting actors starring young actors. Here are a series of supporting cast for Blue Birthday. Come on, see!

1. Lee Sang Joon

4 Star Blue Birthday

In the drama Blue Birthday, Lee Sang Joon plays Cha Eun Sung, the man who loved Ha Rin 10 years ago. He works as a reporter who was born into a rich family and always thinks positively.

This newcomer actor made his acting debut through Drama Stage Season 4: Love Spoiler by playing a member of a dance group named Kim Dae Il.

2. Kim Gyeol Yu

4 Star Blue Birthday

Kim Gyeol Yu plays the character Do Soo Jin, Ha Rin’s best friend and roommate. He is a friendly and kind person because he always looks after Ha Rin after Seo Jun’s death.

The drama Blue Birthday itself became his acting debut in the acting world. Previously, this girl born in 2000 had been a contestant on the survival program Mixnine.

3. Kim Yi Seo

4 Star Blue Birthday

This 1996-born actress acted in the drama Blue Birthday by playing the role of Ji Hye Min. Kim Yi Seo made his acting debut as a supporting actor in the drama Designated Survivor: 60 Days starring actor Ji Jin Hee.

He has also acted in the drama Live On.

4. Ju Hyeon

4 Star Blue Birthday

Ju HyeonJu Hyeon Photo: (doc. ist)
Lastly, there is actor Ju Hyeon who plays Kim Eui Yeong who is a schoolmate of Ha Rin and Seo Jun. Just like Kim Gyeol Yu, the drama Blue Birthday is Ju Hyeon’s debut in a Korean drama.