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Meaningful, 4 Inspirational Quotes from the Korean Drama Navillera

Navillera Korean drama

Navillera Korean drama – Neville, starring Song Kang, caught the audience’s attention because it was very inspiring. This Netflix drama has aired since March 2021 and has 12 episodes.

Neville tells the journey of Lee Chae-rok (played by Song Kang) and Sim Deok-Chul (played by Park In-hwan) in pursuing their dream of becoming ballet dancers.

Even though they were full of obstacles on the way, they managed to make it happen by supporting and strengthening each other.

Every episode is always inserted with a scene that makes the audience cry. Conversation between figures also has a deep meaning to be absorbed. Here are some interesting quotes are taken from the Korean drama Navillera.


1. Happiness

Navillera Korean drama

“The only person who knows what makes you happy is yourself,” Lee Chae-rok.

2. Failure

Navillera Korean drama
“Of course it’s a good thing if you don’t fall into a slump in life. It’s great if there are no obstacles in our path. However, it’s okay if you fall,” -Shim Deok-Chul.

3. Son and Father

Navillera Korean drama

“Call if you remember. Meet if you miss him. Because of you son and father,” -Shim Deok-Chul.

4. Talent

Navillera Korean drama

“Interpreting by instinct and trying to express with one’s own body somehow. That’s called talent,” -Eun So-ri