Make Shake, These 5 K-Pop Song Dance Choreography is Fun for You to Try

5 K-Pop Song Dance Choreography

In the middle of 2021, many of the solo singers and K-Pop idols make a comeback with their newest songs. These bright and colorful songs are lively and very synonymous with summer. The upbeat melodies and cheerful lyrics make anyone who listens to them sing along.

Interestingly, there is one thing that makes these songs recommended to be heard for lazy people, namely, the choreography. The iconic and addictive choreographed dances of these five songs make fans who see them will automatically move their bodies along with the melody.

Curious what the song is? Here’s a KPop song that invites you to dance together.

1. BTS “Permission to Dance”

The song, which was released a few weeks ago, has succeeded in attracting people with its healing tone and lyrics. Besides the catchy melody of the song, the choreography of the group led by Rapmon is also really fun to try because it’s easy to follow, you know.

FYI, what’s unique about this song is that they combine sign language or sign languages in their dances, such as thumbs up and V which means Happy, Dancing, and Peace. Wow, full of meaning, yes dance to this song.

Not long ago, this ARMY favorite group also held a dance challenge for anyone who wants to join the dance to the short version of the song “Permission to Dance” by uploading it on their respective social media. It’s great, right!

2. NCT Dream “Hello Future'”

The NCT subgroup also doesn’t want to lose to the members of one group. After the success of Hot Sauce on the regular album. These seven cool boys have released a repackage album with the title song “Hello Future”. The song with a hip-hop accompaniment sounds very lively in line with their active choreography.

The point of this song’s dance is to focus on the clap and hello dances. As if to invite listeners not to worry too much about an uncertain future. You can try to dance to this song, especially if there is a foot-stomping section that is good enough for you to move more during WFH.

3. Taeyeon “Weekend”

For those of you who prefer soft dance, you can try Taeyeon’s song “Weekend”. From the title, the lyrics and the melody are perfect for you to listen to during the weekend to make it more cheerful.

The point of the Girls’ Generation leader’s dance is to focus on the choreography stretching while holding the knees, not only that, the singer also added a clock dance at the beginning of the song. Make your weekend more cheerful, right?

4. Oh My Girl “Dun Dun Dance”

After successfully introducing his unique dance to the song “Dolphin”, Arin CS is back with a new song that is no less stunning. “Dun Dun Dance” is a pop/dance tempo song that will make you shake your head.

The lyrical lines are like “just dance…just dance…” which you listen to over and over and make you immerse yourself in the dance. Especially if you also see their dance practice which will make you want to join the dance right away.

5. Kyuhyun “Together”

Prince of a ballad from SM has re-released a single for the project: Season, titled “Together”. This Super Junior Magnae comes back with a fresher concept and is different from the previous songs which were dominated by the ballad genre. Uniquely, in this single, he also dances, you know.

Dancing accompanied by back dancers, Kyuhyun beautifully performed this dance to reduce the heat of the hot weather, the point of this song dance focuses on his hand movements as if to keep off the sun or block the sun, cute right? Easy for you to follow.

How? The choreography of the five songs above is fun, right? Oh, yes, you can see the technique and step-by-step dance directly on their respective YouTube videos, yes. Fun things you can do on the weekends as well as light exercise while listening to songs.

You can try this at home because it’s really easy to follow. The latest alternative, as a healthy exercise that can make you free from the name of lying down. right! Good luck!

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