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Facts About Lee Da In, Now Dating with Lee Seung Gi

Lee Da In's new boyfriend

Lee Da In’s new boyfriend –  Lee Seung Gi has arrived with happy news! He was confirmed to be in an affair with actress Lee Da In.

This news was confirmed by Lee Da In’s agency, 9Ato Entertainment, which said that the two of them had been dating for about 6 months. Seung Gi and Da In started a love affair after meeting while playing golf.


The 5 year age difference is not a barrier for them to knit a love story. For those of you who are curious about Lee Seung Gi’s new girlfriend, here are some interesting facts about Lee Da In:


1. The second child of actress Kyeon Mi Ri

Lee Da In's new boyfriend

Lee Seung Gi’s lover figure lives in a family of artists. He is the second child of actress Kyeon Mi Ri who has starred in various drama series such as Rooftop Prince, Revolutionary Love, Gangnam Scandal, and Backstreet Rookie. In addition, actress Lee Yu Bi is also Lee Da In’s eldest brother.


2. Started his acting debut since 2014

Lee Da In's new boyfriend

Following in the footsteps of her mother and brother, Lee Da In also plunged into the world of acting by starring in a short drama titled Twenty Years Old by competing acting with Gikwang Highlight. She played Kim Hye Rim, Lee Ki Kwang’s high school friend who has never dated. In the same year, this 28-year-old actress made a cameo in the film The Fatal Encounter as Soo Ryun.


3. Starred in many popular Korean dramas

Lee Da In's new boyfriend

After making his acting debut in 2014, Lee Da In has participated in several supporting roles in various Korean drama titles such as Hwarang, Come and Hug Me, and Doctor Prisoner. She last acted in 2020 as a role in the drama series Alice. Da In plays Kim Do Yeon, Park Jin Gyeom’s (Joo Won) only friend who works as a reporter for Se Kyung Ilbo News and has liked his best friend since high school. Do Yeon is investigating a mysterious case involving a strange drone.


4. Have the same hobbies as Lee Seung Gi

Lee Da In's new boyfriend

As has been widely reported, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In’s relationship began when they both played golf. Lee Seung Gi is known to love the sport so much that he appeared on the SBS golf entertainment program recently. Lee Da In has also shown his love for golf through his personal Instagram.