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Kwak Dong Yeon Offered to Play in a Drama directed by Train to Busan

Kwak Dong Yeon

Kwak Dong Yeon was flooded with praise after appearing stunningly in the drama Vincenzo. Now, he is reportedly ready to return to star in a drama.

As reported by several South Korean media, Kwang Dong Yeon was targeted to star in a TVing drama titled Monstrous. The drama revolves around an archaeologist who solves some mysterious cases.

Kwak Dong Yeon

Regarding the news, H& Entertainment, as management, provided clarification regarding the circulating news. They confirmed the offer made to Kwak Dong Yeon.

“Kwak Dong Yeon was offered the role of Yong Ju. He is currently reviewing the offer positively,” said management.

The script for Monstrous is planned to be written by Yeon Sang-Ho (director of Train to Busan and Peninsula) and Ryu Yong Jae (writer of Pied Piper and My Holo Love). Meanwhile, the director’s chair will be occupied by Jang Gun Jae.

Jang Geun Jae previously won the Best Screenplay award at the 16th Busan Film Critics Awards and Best Screenplay and Best Director at the 3rd Wildflower Film Awards with his film A Midsummer’s Fantasia. Seeing the ranks of big names behind the scenes of Monstrous, of course, this drama is one to look forward to.

However, there is still no certainty when this drama will start filming and be ready to air.

Previously, Kwak Dong Yeon also received an offer to star in a drama adaptation of a webtoon titled Hunting Dogs. The drama will reportedly air on Netflix.

Hunting Dogs is a drama that tells the story of three men who get entangled with each other because of debt. The three of them do various ways to hunt for money.

The Hunting Dogs drama is planned to be aired in 8 episodes. Lee Do Hyun also got an offer to star in this drama