These 5 K-Pop Boy Groups Have a Dance Line of 3 People, Compact!

KPop Boy Groups That Have a Dance Line With 3 Members,

For those of you fans of KPop, of course, you are familiar with the division of positions that generally exist in an idol group. Not carelessly, each member will usually be trusted to hold a certain position according to their talents and abilities.

Several K-Pop boy groups have a dance line of 3 people, you know. Even though they have different dance techniques, they always appear compact.

Being the mainstay dancers of their respective groups, here are 5 K-Pop boy groups that have a dance line of 3 people. Check this out!

1. Stray Kids

KPop Boy Groups That Have a Dance Line With 3 Members,

So talented, Stray Kids has a dance line consisting of Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Felix. Being part of the Dance Racha unit, the three of them have different uniqueness when dancing.

Possessing stunning dance skills, Lee Know was a backup dancer for BTS before his debut. He is also known to be the choreographer of Stray Kids’ song “Hellevator”.

No less talented, Hyunjin also has great potential as a choreographer. It is evident in the content Stray Kids: SKZ-PLAYER, he directly participated in making the choreography for the song “Play With Fire (Feat. Yacht Money)”.

Having the same talent in making choreography, Felix had time to become an MC in the music show Pops In Seoul. With his energetic dance skills, he often teaches KPop dance tutorials to fans.

2. CIX

KPop Boy Groups That Have a Dance Line With 3 Members,
Debuted on July 23, 2019, CIX’s dance line also successfully attracted attention because of the myriad talents they have.

Having different unique dances, Hyunsuk, Jinyoung, and Seunghun always look compact and stunning.

Despite being the group’s mainstay dancers, the three also hold other important positions in the group. Call it Hyunsuk who also plays as the lead rapper, Jinyoung who is the lead vocalist, and Seunghun who is believed to be the main vocalist.

It’s not easy to reach their current position, Jinyoung and Seunghun have to go through a long journey before debuting with CIX.

Having to participate in survival events, Jinyoung is a former Produce101 Season 2 contestant, while Seunghun has fought in the YG Treasure Box.

3. BTS

KPop Boy Groups That Have a Dance Line With 3 Members,
Gifted with stunning dancing talent even before their debut, BTS’s dance line has indeed become one of the best in the K-Pop entertainment industry. Dubbed as 3J, the three come from different backgrounds.

A year before their debut, Jungkook is known to have been sent to Los Angeles to hone his dance skills at MOVEMENT LIFESTYLE. Practicing for a month, at that time Jungkook was only 14 years old.

On the other hand, before his debut, Jimin had practiced popping and locking dance at Just Dance Academy. Not only that, Jimin then studied contemporary dance at Busan High School of Arts. So talented, he was an outstanding student in the Modern Dance department at the time.

Not to forget, J-Hope is known to have been famous before his debut because of his stunning dance talent. Starting his career as an underground dancer, he once joined a group called Neuron and was known as Smile Hoya.

Having trained at Gwangju Dance Academy and Joy Dance Academy, J-Hope even won various national dance competitions before his debut.

4. EXO

KPop Boy Groups That Have a Dance Line With 3 Members,

When performing together or solo, dance performances from Sehun, Lay, and Kai never disappoint. With dance moves that are smooth to powerful, the three always shine with the uniqueness of each dance.

So charismatic when on stage, Sehun is known to join SM Entertainment in 2008. Having to go through a long journey, he underwent a training period of 4 years.

Kai started practicing dancing when he was 8 years old. So talented, he is known to have a great interest in the world of dance after watching the film The Nutcracker.

Possessing great control when it comes to dancing, Kai is very talented in ballet and jazz types of dance.

Joining SM Entertainment through a global audition, Lay’s dance skills don’t need to be doubted.

Always impressing fans with his performances, Lay has even won the M-All Star Street Dance Competition.

5. Golden Child

KPop Boy Groups That Have a Dance Line With 3 Members,

Since debuting on August 28, 2017, Donghyun, Bomin, and Daeyeol were chosen as the dance line of Golden Child. Not only do they have dance skills, but the three of them are also gifted with other stunning talents.

Call it Bomin who is famous for his extraordinary talent in acting.

On the other hand, Donghyun and Daeyeol are loved by fans for their stunning vocal abilities.

Talented, the five K-Pop boy groups managed to form a compact dance line. Which is your favorite dance line?

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