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Korean Drama Voice 4 Presents Lee Ha-na’s Action Against New Villains

korean drama voice 4
korean drama voice 4

Korean Drama Voice 4 – Korean Drama Voice is ready to return with its 4th season. The drama storyline, which was worked on by Shin Yong-hwi, is still being worked on by Ma Jin-won, who has written the script from the first season of Voice (2017) to the third. Voice tells the story of an emergency call center and its employees fighting crime using the limited information they get from the emergency calls they receive.

Drama Voice 4 will again present Lee Ha-na as Kang Kwon-Joo. Unlike the previous season, this time Lee Ha-na was not accompanied by Lee Jin-Wook. There is the figure of Song Seung-Heon who plays Derrick Cho (Derek Jo), a tough member of the Los Angeles Police Department who is assigned to work with the Korean police to solve crime mysteries.

Meanwhile, Kang Kwon-Joo (Lee Ha-na), a police officer with extraordinary hearing abilities, goes to Jeju Island to prevent crime in the middle of the holiday season. This time, Ha-na meets a Korean-American detective who is looking for the killer of her sister.

korean drama voice 4
korean drama voice 4

Some time ago, tvN drama showed off the latest stills of Voice 4 featuring Circus Man, a terrible serial killer who has the same hearing ability as Kang Kwon-Joo. Circus Man had killed two families in the past and he said about Kang Kwon-Joo that he and Kang Kwon-Joo were born with a special fate.

Circus Man also sends a notification about an upcoming murder that only Kang Kwon-Joo can hear. Here you can see the snippet below.

Synopsis of Korean drama Voice 4 will focus on the story of Derek Jo’s younger sister who is threatened by a new villain that she has never seen or heard of before. Derek Jo is beset by confusion and chaos. However, Kang Kwon-Joo firmly told him that he would catch the criminal.

“It doesn’t matter if you want to believe me or not. However, I will arrest and punish people who use their special hearing ability for crimes and murders,” said Kang Kwon-Joo.

Voice 4 will be broadcast on the tvN channel starting June 18th. You can also watch it via the Viu streaming service starting June 12, 2021. Happy watching!