Korean Drama The Penthouse Episode 12 Discusses the Death of Min Seol A.

Korean Drama The Penthouse

Korean drama The Penthouse – The Korean drama The Penthouse enters episode 12 and makes the audience even more angry and furious. Each episode can be watched live for free on the mobile application.

The Penthouse episode 12 continued with Goo Ho Dong telling Su Ryeon to acknowledge Min Seol A as his daughter.

The story of this Korean drama is even more interesting because Su Ryeon rejected it. Because if that happened, then all of his plans to meet the culprit of Seol A’s murder would fall apart.


Korean drama The Penthouse

Korean Drama The Penthouse – Then Yoon Hee visited one of the community service units, while Yoon Hee intended to invest her money in a health institution.

However, it seems that there is interference from Dan Tae’s plan regarding the investment. Then Lee Kyu Jin took Goo Hoo Dong to meet one of the famous baseball players. It is not known what the purpose of Lee Kyu Jin’s intentions was.

Fake Statement

Korean Drama The Penthouse

Korean Drama The Penthouse – On the other hand, the news of Min Seol A’s death is a hot topic of conversation. Because of the news, Seol A died in Book Village. But in fact, Min Seol A fell and died at Hera Palace. The owner of the restaurant where Seol-A works part-time comes as a witness and gives a false statement.

Can’t remember what happened

Yoon-Hee was defending him and giving Seol-A money. Su-Ryeon knows from her diary. Yoon-Hee, unfortunately, states she doesn’t remember what happened the night Seol-A died.

During the voting, Yoon-Cheol stood up and stated that he was with Yoon-Hee who went berserk and made him hurt.


Seo-Jin has a big fight with Yoon-Cheol who defends her first love. Ro-Na comes home with a face full of wounds and doesn’t want to prolong the problem.

On television, news of Congressman Cho’s affair spreads and gets him a call. Yoon-Hee was threatened to return the money. But when Yoon-Hee arrives at her residence, she finds Congressman Cho dead horribly.

How is the next story? Viewers can see more details on several mobile applications including RCTI + for free.