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6 Confessions of Korean Drama Star The Penthouse, About Kiss Scenes to Shed Sin

Korean Drama Star The Penthouse

Korean Drama Star The Penthouse – Earlier this month, the premiere season of Korean drama The Penthouse ended. The audience, who was swayed for about two months with a storyline full of twists, was again surprised by the surprise that was brought in the last episode of this Korean drama.

Talking about being swayed, it was not just the audience who felt it. These Korean drama players also feel the same way.

They convey this in a special episode entitled “Penthouse Hidden Room – The Hidden Story.”

Reporting from Soompi, Wednesday (13/1/2021) in this episode the players of The Penthouse such as Lee Ji Ah, Kim So Yeon, Eugene, Uhm Ki Joon, Shin Eun Kyung, and others discussed many facts and their confessions about this famous drama…


1. Suspected of Being a Producer

Korean Drama Star The Penthouse

Korean Drama Star The Penthouse – At The Penthouse, Uhm Ki Joon got lots of kiss scenes. Well, because of this a funny suspicion arose, namely, being mistaken for this Drakor producer. He also explained that he was careful in carrying out the kiss scene with Kim So Yeon and Eugene because they were married.


2. The reaction of Eugene’s husband

Korean Drama Star The Penthouse – Well, about this kiss scene, Eugene has his confession regarding his husband, actor Ki Tae Young. When asked if the man who married her in 2011 watched this intimate scene, Eugene replied, “I think he watched it alone.”

The S.E.S girl group member added, “Even though he understood this as an actor, an article appeared that wrote ‘Oh Yoon Hee’s naughty hand’ which said that I was holding [co-star’s] butt. Then (my husband) asked if it was true.”


3. Shame with in-laws

Korean Drama Star The Penthouse – Actress Kim So Yeon’s confession about the kiss scene is different again. She did not question her husband’s opinion. “Compared to my husband, Lee Sang Woo, I’m more embarrassed when my in-laws watch it. That’s why I tell them first when there’s an affair scene,” she said.

Luckily the in-laws support Kim So Yeon, and never miss watching The Penthouse. “They said I was cool and they supported me,” he added.


4. Two Days Lay

Korean Drama Star The Penthouse

The stars of The Penthouse said one of the most iconic moments of the premiere season was the crying scene of Lee Ji Ah’s Shim Su Ryeon. Apparently, for the actress, this scene was very physically draining.

“After filming, I had to lie down for two days. Because I couldn’t move when I was tied up, my muscles couldn’t move the next day. I wondered if there was an exercise that could make it hurt like this,” said Lee Ji Ah.


5. Washing the Sins

Korean Drama Star The Penthouse

Secretly, actress Shin Eun Kyung seems to often think about the scenes she is doing. “I did a lot of bad things in the drama. To the extent that, when filming ended I said ‘I’ve washed all my sins,” he said.


6. Join the Guessing

Korean Drama Star The Penthouse

It turned out that those who took part in guessing the storyline of The Penthouse were not only the audience but also the players. “We are also curious about the culprit, so we try to solve it ourselves,” said Kim So Yeon.

(Attention: the following paragraph contains a leaked story)

Likewise with Eugene. “I filmed without knowing I was the culprit. I didn’t know it was me,” he said.

When the teaser for the second season of The Penthouse was shown, the players were still groping for the continuation of this korean drama story. “I don’t know which scene this is,” he said.