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Korean drama actor Start-Up Kim Seon Ho, a friendly figure who always makes hysterical

Kim Seon Ho

Kim Seon Ho a friendly figure –  is increasingly known to the public after successfully playing the role of Han Ji Pyong in the Korean drama Start-Up. This role has stolen the attention of the Indonesian people so that Kim Seon Ho has become an idol in the country.

Not surprisingly, when his popularity increased, Kim Seon Ho was able to become a magnet for many events or products to use his services. Like recently, where Kim was asked to become a Skincare Mentor in Indonesia.

“Being able to work with international artists is an honor for us, especially with our idols. We are very happy to work with Kim Seon Ho,” said Jessica Lin, co-founder of Everwhite in a release received by Fimela recently.

Very friendly


Kim Seon Ho a friendly figure – Indeed, recently the EVER WHITE skincare brand has officially partnered with Korean actor Kim Seon Ho as a Skincare Mentor in Indonesia. Jessica Lin admitted that Kim is a person who is friendly and full of warmth.

“When shooting through a video call, he greeted us very kindly. He regretted that we could not immediately come there to guide the photoshoot there due to the pandemic,” he said.

He added, in a conversation with the Everwhite team, Kim made adorable poses several times. You can imagine how hysterical our team was at that time. But despite his adorable behavior, he is very professional.

“He does his job very quickly and well, he supports the activities of the photoshoot with us. Until he chooses the photos for us. Wahhh, I can’t say it in words. That’s how he supports him as a Skincare Mentor,” he explained.

Very Worth it


Kim Seon Ho a friendly figure – With his charm and ability as an actor who is full of hospitality, it is not grandiose if Kim Seon Ho is made an idol. According to Jessica, besides his good looks that can hypnotize everyone, he is also a friendly person.

“He is very worthy of being an idol, besides his good looks that hypnotize everyone, his friendliness is not only reflected on the screen, but we have proven it ourselves.” Said Jessica Lin, co-founder of Everwhite.