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Kim Young Dae’s Agency Reveals Reasons for Resigning from Korean Drama School 2021

Kim Young Dae

Kim Young Dae’s agency, OUTERKOREA released an official statement to straighten out the reason for the actor’s withdrawal from the lineup of Korean drama School 2021. It started with KBS’s statement ‘blaming’ Kim Young Dae.

KBS said Kim Young Dae had unilaterally resigned from the cast of the Korean drama School 2021. The delay in the production of the Korean drama School 2021 is said to be due to Kim Young Dae.

“School 2021 recently received a unilateral notification from actor Kim Young Dae’s agency to step down. He has caused difficulties in the production of the drama. School 2021 is currently looking for a new cast and will resume filming once the cast is confirmed,” KBS said in a statement. from Koreaboo.

Following KBS’s statement, Kim Young Dae received various criticisms for being considered irresponsible. The OUTERKOREA agency also released an official statement to explain the reason for the star of The Penthouse 3 ending the Korean drama School 2021 contract.

The official statement was written by Won Wook and Min Kyung Hwan, CEO of OUTERKOREA. Kim Young Dae’s agency revealed that the problem behind the scenes was caused by the production company King’s Media.

“We signed Kim Young Dae’s contract as the main character of School 2020 (its title at the time) in March 2020 with production company King’s Media and School 2020 Special Purpose Company (SPC),” said OUTERKOREA.

According to the contract, both companies were supposed to start filming in May 2020 and air the drama in August 2020. However, drama production did not start due to King’s Media’s ‘internal problems’. SPC also did not resume filming. In fact, a production company SR Pictures withdrew from the drama. ,” continued OUTERKOREA.

King’s Media was unable to continue production of the Korean drama School 2020 and KBS canceled its premiere. However, King’s Media tried to ensure that the School series was postponed until March 2021.

In response, King’s Media insists that SPC will only be able to start filming the drama in March 2021. We have been notified that production will be completed in September 2021. King’s Media assures us that the production team will work with Kim Young Dae to ensure the filming process does not cause conflict with other schedules,” continued OUTERKOREA.

Kim Young Dae

However, a number of actors, scriptwriters, and directors resigned from the Korean drama School 2021. A new production company, KINGSLAND (under the auspices of King’s Media) also took over the drama.

OUTERKOREA confirms that Kim Young Dae has no reason to keep working with KINGSLAND. The reason, the 25-year-old actor signed a contract with King’s Media.

However, the production company encouraged Kim Young Dae to stay involved in filming the Korean drama School 2021. KINGSLAND released more articles about the Korean drama School 2021 without his approval.

In June 2021, we gave up and agreed to work with KINGSLAND. We signed a new contract for the lead role of Kim Young Dae in the Korean drama School 2021. To ensure we don’t run into scheduling conflicts while working with this continuously delayed drama, we ended up turned down one of the many dramas that have been in discussion to premiere in early 2022,” wrote OUTERKOREA.

However, KINGSLAND turned out to be in debt and unable to pay the salaries of the Korean School 2021 drama production team. Meanwhile, Kim Young Dae continued to attend all meetings, and took part in script reading exercises.

OUTERKOREA contacted KINGSLAND to confirm Kim Young Dae’s payment. However, KINGSLAND asked Kim Young Dae to sign a new contract with a different production company that was introduced to the project.

OUTERKOREA’s agency expressed disappointment that KBS offended Kim Young Dae in an official statement. The reason is, the production company is at fault for the production of the Korean drama School 2021 which has been delayed.

We don’t regret choosing School 2021. We want Kim Young Dae to build good relations with the new director, television station, and production company. Due to the production company’s unreasonable and unacceptable issues, we decided to terminate the lead role contract and leave from the drama,” concluded Kim Young Dae’s agency.