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Kim Seo Hyung Reveals Reasons for Wanting to Be a Lesbian in Drama Mine Min

Kim Seo Hyung

Kim Seo Hyung successfully stole the attention as the main actor in the Korean drama Mine. She plays a lesbian who has not forgotten her first love. On a number of occasions, Kim Seo Hyung also revealed his reasons for choosing a lesbian role.

Korean drama Mine follows the story of two strong and ambitious women. Kim Seo Hyung and his co-star Lee Bo Young, are told as the daughter-in-law of a wealthy family. They try to overcome the judgments of the world to find what is truly theirs.

Kim Seo Hyung Reveals Reasons for Wanting to Be a Lesbian in Drama Mine Min

Lee Bo Young plays Seo Hi Soo, a former famous actress who marries the second son of the family that runs Hyowon Group. Meanwhile, Kim Seo Hyung plays Jung Seo Hyun, the wife of the first son of the Hyowon Group family.

Jung Seo Hyun (played by Kim Seo Hyung) is known as an elegant and charismatic woman. He comes from a wealthy family and marries Han Jin Ho (played by Park Hyuk Won), who has been divorced from his first wife. Despite being married, Seo Hyun falls in love with another woman.

Kim Seo Kyung’s Reason for Choosing a Lesbian Role
Kim Seo Hyung had an interview with Newsis, after the airing of the last episode of the Korean drama Mine. On that occasion, the actress revealed her reason for accepting the role as a lesbian.

While reading the script for the Korean drama Mine, Kim Seo Hyung thought he could portray a lesbian character well. He also felt a form of responsibility when describing the character Jung Seo Hyun.

“When I first read the script, I thought I should be careful and responsible with how I portray the character. But I didn’t feel pressured or intimidated to play a character who was a sexual minority. I thought if I had the opportunity, I could do well,” said Kim Seo Hyung.

Kim Seo Hyung does not view the love story of Jung Seo Hyun and Choi Su Ji (played by Kim Jung Hwa) as an image of sexual minorities. He considers the relationship between the two that have existed since young as a form of love.

The 47-year-old actress has also been looking forward to a role like in the Korean drama Mine because she has nothing in common with Jung Seo Hyun. That is the reason for accepting the offer as a lesbian.

“I chose the drama (Mine) because it was romance. Rather than a story about sexual minorities, it was a story about love. As an actress, I felt an ambition to play this character. Her background is also very different from mine. Every actress aspires to play this character. cool roles like this. When I thought about playing a character like this in the past, I always believed that I could do it comfortably. That’s why I chose this project, “continued Kim Seo Hyung.

In the Korean drama Mine, Jung Seo Hyun reveals her identity as a lesbian to Han Jin Ho. She is willing to be divorced if it is burdensome for her husband. However, Han Jin Ho accepted his true self.

In the last episode of Mine, Jung Seo Hyun was entrusted by her husband to be the president of Hyowon Group. He also contacted Choi Su Ji again after avoiding him for a long time and managed to accept herself as a lesbian.

“I don’t think that meeting Su Ji means that she will find true love. I think she is ready to meet Su Ji in any form, whether it’s friendship or something else, and that’s also her way of dealing with herself. Within Hyowon Group, Seo Hyun found what really belonged to him,” concluded Kim Seo Hyung.

Meanwhile, the Korean drama Mine has aired the last episode on tvN with a rating of 10.5 percent. The story of Kim Seo Hyung in the Korean drama Mine can be watched with Indonesian subtitles on Netflix.