5 K-Pop Girlband Songs with Rock Genre, Let’s Listen!

K-Pop Girlband Song genre Rock

The name may be K-Pop but not all of the songs carry the pop genre. Groups or soloists can explore other genres in South Korean music.
Some genres are often released in the K-pop music scene, ranging from R&B, electronic, jazz, to rock. Although it can be said that it doesn’t always exist, the rock genre has also colored the songs in the K-Pop industry.

Several girl groups also sang this genre whose music was quite loud. Who are they?

1. Way To Go – SNSD

Not only Gee’s songs are global, SNSD or Girls’ Generation also has songs that are thick with electric guitar sounds and fast tempos. Even though it has been more than 10 years since it was launched, the newcomer K-Pop group, STAYC, once covered Way To Go in early 2021 and still attracts the attention of K-Pop music lovers, so many are listening to this song again.

2. Can’t Stop – MARMELLO

MARMELLO comes with an arrangement like a band in general where the personnel plays musical instruments. Can’t Stop is a single that was launched in 2017. The beat of music from MARMELLO is suitable to accompany you when you exercise like the one in the music video.

3. Poison – Pink Fantasy

It comes with a mysterious concept that makes many people curious about Pink Fantasy. Completing the concept full of mystery, rock music is the outline of the song for the group that debuted in 2018. An interesting fact about Pink Fantasy is that they have a hidden member who hasn’t shown his face since its debut!

4. Me, In – Wonder Girls

As a multitalented girl group, Wonder Girls can also sing rock songs. In the intro of this song, listeners are greeted by strong vocals followed by sounds made by synthesizers, electric guitars, and the beat of a band-style drum. The Wonder Girls members have also performed like a band formation with musical instruments such as guitar, bass, keyboards, to drums.


The uniqueness of DREAMCATCHER is heard from the rock music they bring. Not only pure rock style, DREAMCATCHER sometimes adds piano strains in some of its songs which creates a magical impression. Deja Vu is one of the songs that shows off a piano touch.