Jimin BTS and 3 other Kpop idols who accidentally display secret info

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Jimin BTS

kpop Update- Everyone has personal information that not everyone should know. Likewise with K-Pop idols who have so many things that fans want to know.

The funny thing is, they never realized that they had shown this to invite laughter when the idols realized it. The following are four K-Pop idols who accidentally leaked their personal information, quoted from the Koreaboo page, Thursday (17/9).

Jimin BTS

Jessica Jung

kpop Update- When Jessica played the game “Never have I ever”, the former SNSD member was asked if she had ever dated a K-Pop idol. “They are all just friends,” he replied.

However, the use of the word “they” there then invited fan speculation if Jessica Jung had been close to many idols.

Jeno NCT Dream

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In a live broadcast, Jeno accidentally showed the password for the host on his cellphone. This also drew laughter from the audience at Jeno’s mistake and it turned out that the password was very simple.

Jeno, who then realized this, laughed out loud at his mistake.

Jimin BTS

Jimin BTS

Accidentally in a live broadcast, Jimin once showed the hotel where BTS members were staying. He didn’t realize this until a fan said he could see the hotel menu book behind Jimin.

TXT’s Taehyun

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Before TXT made its debut, Taehyun accidentally leaked his position in the group. This happened when he uploaded his diary to an online community and told him that he was the vocalist of group TXT.

“I’m not sure if it was because the dust was fine or because I used to make high notes a lot, but my voice wasn’t the same and it broke my heart. But it didn’t hurt too much!” he wrote.