News of Bullying Sticking Out, Is It True that Hyunjoo Quits Because of Bullying?

Hyunjoo's Bullying News
Hyunjoo's Bullying News

Hyunjoo’s Bullying News – Cases of bullying or bullying seem to continue to befall Kpop idol groups. Now it’s the turn of the girl group APRIL to be hit by these rumors. Last weekend, an account claiming to be Hyunjoo’s younger brother revealed the fact that her brother left the group in 2016 not to pursue a career as an actress. Hyunjoo left because he got bullying treatment from the other members.

How did these rumors get around? Here’s the explanation.

A Twitter account claims to be Hyunjoo’s younger brother

Hyunjoo's Bullying News
Hyunjoo’s Bullying News

Sunday, February 28, 2021, a Twitter account with the name @ Yno6J caused a public riot. He claims to be the younger brother of Hyunjoo, a former member of APRIL. Using Korean, the account reveals how his older brother was treated with bullying which led to Hyunjoo leaving the group that had raised his name. If interpreted in Indonesian, the statement reads as follows.

“Hello, I am the younger brother of former APRIL group member Hyunjoo. I wanted to reveal this for many years. However, I kept it to myself for Hyunjoo’s future. This time, I thought, it was time for me to reveal. which is actually.”

“Hyunjoo decided to leave the group to pursue a career as an actress is not right. During his time with APRIL, he was ostracized and bullied which made him suffer from anxiety and breathing problems which made him suffer a lot. Hyunjoo even tried to commit suicide. If you think about it, heart. my parents and I are still in a lot of pain. ”

“Hyunjoo left the group because previously the agency sent him a letter asking him to resign with the reason that he wanted to seriously pursue acting. Hyunjoo followed him and left the group. When he wrote the letter, he even received a lot of scathing comments. Other group members and fans even mentioned it. Hyunjoo betrayed the group for personal gain. ”

“Until now, Hyunjoo has never received an apology from other group members. They pretend they haven’t done anything wrong. I can’t imagine how Hyunjoo feels right now. I don’t want to see the group on television anymore. Because I don’t want to see Hyunjoo suffer again. ”

Strengthening his confession, the account also uploaded family documents including his and Hyunjoo’s names to Twitter.

Another Twitter account appeared to defend Hyunjoo

After the Twitter account claiming to be Hyunjoo’s younger brother was busy being discussed, another account claiming to be Hyunjoo’s friend appeared and strengthened the recognition of Hyunjoo’s younger brother. In the upload, the account explains in more detail what the members have done to Hyunjoo.

you can see this recognition as follows.

“Hello, I am Hyunjoo’s friend from high school and we are still on good terms until now. I am writing this to clarify that all APRIL members have bullied Hyunjoo except Chaekyung and Rachel (because they joined after Hyunjoo left). I will write some down. the thing I’ve heard about the bullying case.

1. Somin hates Hyunjoo a lot and bullies him a lot.

2. Chaewon pits Hyunjoo against Somin by saying bad things. Chaewon did this to be friends with Somin.

3. Hyunjoo finds the glass that his grandmother gave him in the refrigerator. It is known, the glass was deliberately used by Naeun who put the chungookjang in and left it in the refrigerator for months without being washed.

4. Naeun takes Hyunjoo’s sneakers and claims they are hers. When Hyunjoo proved that it was his shoe through the name written on the shoe, Naeun didn’t apologize at all.

5. Other APRIL members said harsh things before the recording started.

6. Yena and Jinsol several times made Hyunjoo tripped and stomped on his feet.

7. Chaewon has a special relationship with the group manager. This made the manager close his eyes to what was happening.

8. When Hyunjoo reportedly attempted suicide, Hyunjoo’s mother came to their agency office to explain what happened. However, the other APRIL members ignored Hyunjoo’s mother and laughed at each other. ”

The agency is still looking into the truth of the tweet

Hyunjoo's Bullying News
Hyunjoo’s Bullying News

The two tweets are still busy on social media. In response to this, DSP Media, the agency that oversees APRIL, is still finding out the truth of the tweet. Launching Allkpop.com, DSP Media promised to clarify and resolve what happened to his care group.

What do you think? Is it true that Hyunjoo left because he was being bullied?