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Hospital Playlist 2 Conflict Leads to Domestic Violence in the Main Actor’s Family

Hospital Playlist Conflict 2

It is the hallmark of director Shin Won Ho (PD Shin) and screenwriter Lee Woo Jung to insert small hints in each scene in Hospital Playlist, which refers to major events in the next episode. One thing that needs to be mentioned is the issue of domestic violence (KDRT).

Hospital Playlist Conflict 2

In episode 5 which aired on Thursday (15/7/2021) last week, one of the female patients treated by Lee Ik Jun was suspected of having domestic violence. One of the patients in the same room said he heard a sound of pain one night. This happened when the patient’s husband returned to the hospital drunk.

On a different occasion, Ik Jun saw bruises on his patient’s face. However, she did not confront the patient and her husband but carried out observations and discussions separately without involving the husband. In the climax, Gyeo Ul who heard the complaints from the patient from the same room tried to save the female patient when her husband was drunk and beat her. The incident made Gyeo Ul injured.

Hospital Playlist Conflict 2

Gyeo Ul’s involvement in the domestic violence problem of the patients he handles seems to be a clue and a sign of his parents’ household problems. In this season, Gyeo Ul seems to be faced with the problem of domestic violence committed by his father to his mother.

The possibility of the storyline is confirmed by the scene when Gyeo Ul’s mother calls at four in the morning. Gyeo Ul had asked if his mother had a problem because he called at an unnatural time according to him. Gyeo Ul also asks if his mother had another fight with his father.

From what sounded on the phone, Gyeo Ul’s mother’s voice trembled. But he tries to convince Gyeo Ul that nothing will happen. Is it true that there will be serious problems between Gyeo Ul’s parents? How will Gyeo Ul and Jeong Won face this in Hospital Playlist 2?

Throughout these 5 episodes, the conflict in the dynamics of the doctor gang’s friendship is indeed too focused on Jun Wan and Ik Sun. It was also opened about Seok Hyung’s past regarding his mother’s treatment of his ex-wife.