BTS to EXO, This is a Kpop Idol Horror Experience Story that Makes Goosebumps

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Horror story of EXO and BTS-Having a horror experience is the most unwanted thing for everyone. However, these events of course always come unexpectedly, sometimes even not realizing it.

When experiencing a horror event, the body usually responds with hair on the hands and feet due to goosebumps. Usually feel that someone is staring at us, or there is a shadow that suddenly just passed by.

For someone who has a sixth sense, it is commonplace. However, for those who don’t have it, it is certainly a frightening moment. As felt by Kpop idols. BTS to EXO, they experience horror events while at work. The following is the story as compiled from various sources.

Jimin BTS


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Jimin had horror experiences with invisible creatures when he was a trainee. At that time, Jimin was washing his hair in the dorm bathroom. When he was washing the bangs, he felt someone was passing by.

Jimin thought that it was Namjoon who passed. However, when Jimin called Namjoon no voice answered. After finishing shampooing, Jimin immediately checked all the members. It turned out that they were asleep, including Namjoon. Jimin immediately realized that the one in the bathroom was a ghost.

Jungkook BTS


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Horror story of EXO and BTS-Jungkook had a horror experience while recording with BTS for the album Wings. On the first recording, the voices of all the members on the recording are lost. Finally, they returned to recording.

When finished, all the members went back to listening to the results while revising. While listening to the recording, someone sang along. The members and crew thought that it was Jungkook’s voice because they looked alike. In fact, in that part, Jungkook did not sing along.



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Horror story of EXO and BTS-A scary experience also happened to the EXO group in the music video titled Growl. The video was shot at the warehouse of the Shindongshin Industrial High School, which had been closed for seven years before filming.

Previously, SM Entertainment was banned from filming there. This is because the building was once the place for the suicide of the school student. However, because the place was deemed suitable, SM continued the shooting process.

After the MV was released, the staff realized that there were apparitions in the video. Finally, the video was taken down for re-editing.