Girls Planet 999 Coming Soon, Get SNSD’s Sunmi and Tiffany as Mentors

Girls Planet 999 Coming Soon

After the success of the Produce series, Mnet gave birth to the survival show Girls Planet 999 which focused on female trainees. Girls Planet 999 will give birth to a new girl group with 9 personnel from Japan, China, and South Korea.

Girls Planet 999 officially replaces the Produce series which was stopped due to the voting manipulation scandal. The trainees’ struggle to debut is again in the spotlight, but Girls Planet 999 is packed with a new voting concept.

Mnet is collaborating with NCSoft’s new platform, called UNIVERSE. The platform allows Girls Planet 999 viewers abroad to vote to choose their favorite trainee.

The Girls Planet 999 program took two well-known K-Pop idols as mentors. There is Tiffany Young, who is known as a member of Girls’ Generation, and Sunmi, a former member of Wonder Girls, who is active as a soloist.

With the professional knowledge and experience of both, the contestants of Girls Planet 999 will certainly be helped to prepare themselves to become KPop idols. Tiffany Young and Sunmi will be called ‘KPop Masters’.

Actor Yeo Jin Goo, known for his roles in the Korean drama Hotel Del Luna, will host the survival show Girls Planet 999. The host of Girls Planet 999 will be referred to as ‘Planet Master’.

Girls Planet 999 Coming Soon

Number of Participants Girls Planet 999

Girls Planet 999 auditions were held from January to February 2021. From 13,000 applicants, 99 contestants from Japan, China, and South Korea were selected in equal numbers for each country, 33 trainees each.

Girls Planet 999 Coming Soon

Mnet introduced the contestants of Girls Planet 999 through its official website. One of the contestants also stole the attention because he was the younger brother of Huening Kai TXT. Even though he has never debuted, Huening Bahiyyih is already well-known among KPop fans.

Some of the contestants on Girls Planet 999 have even debuted as idols in their home countries. They are Jiwon Cherry Bullet, Bora Cherry Bullet, Yujin CLC, Ma Yu Ling SNH48, Do Ah FANTICS, and Wang Qiu Ru SNH48.


Theme Song Girls Planet 999

On Monday (12/7/2021), Mnet has released the Girls Planet 999 theme song entitled ‘O.O.O. (Over & Over & Over)’. The choreography of the song was made by the ‘Dance Masters’ on the Girls Planet 999 program, namely Baek Gu Young and Jang Ju Hee.

“For this song, we were inspired by the prototype of a planet. This choreography was made to show the tough aura needed to achieve our goals,” said the ‘Dance Masters’ to iQiyi.

Mnet released three different videos featuring contestants from Japan, China, South Korea performing the song ‘O.O.O. (Over & Over & Over)’. Sunmi, as KPop Master, also commented on the song’s choreography.

“The choreography is quite difficult, but with that, I hope to see the energy they have,” said the singer of the song ‘Gashina’.

Girls Planet 999 Showtimes

Girls Planet 999 premiered on August 6, 2021 and aired the final episode on October 22, 2021. Contestants from Japan, China, and South Korea will compete for three months.

Tiffany Young, as KPop Master, hopes that the contestants of Girls Planet 999 can respect each other and strive to get the best results in that time period.

“Three months may sound long, but I want to remind them to always be enthusiastic in every step towards their goals,” said Tiffany Young.

Girls Planet 999 has 12 episodes that will air every Friday at 8:20 p.m. KST on Mnet. Indonesian viewers can watch Girls Planet 999 with Indonesian subtitles at 18:20 WIB on iQiyi.