Beauty Secret of SNSD Personnel for 13 Years of Career in the KPop World

beautifull kpop secret

beautifull kpop secret

Girls’ Generation’s Beauty Secret- Girlband from South Korea, SNSD, or Girl Generation celebrated their 13th anniversary. This girl band, which consists of seven beautiful personnel, has filled the South Korean entertainment industry and also the world for the past 13 years.

As a girl group that has influenced popularizing Hallyu around the world, SNSD members try to maintain their appearance with skincare.

Each of the SNSD personnel has a beauty secret that makes them look free of acne and other skin problems. Even some of the personnel were chosen to be the faces of the beauty brands.

Are you curious about how each personnel treats their skin?

1. Taeyeon


Girls’ Generation’s Beauty Secret- As the leader of SNSD, Taeyeon needs to do everything quickly, including when taking care of skin. For that, he chose to use a light textured cream. Moisturizer with a liquid texture will be more easily absorbed and comfortable on the skin. Taeyeon most often uses more moisturizer at night so that the next day her skin looks shinier and moisturized.

2. Tiffany


Girls’ Generation’s Beauty Secret– Even though she is no longer an SNSD member, Tiffany is a member who likes to wake up early so she has plenty of time to care for her skin. After waking up, he consumes as much water as possible. For skincare products, Tiffany likes peels in powder form the most. He does peeling once a week to make dead skin cells. In addition, every 10 days Tiffany uses care products from beauty clinics.


3. Yuri


beautifull kpop secret
beautifull kpop secret
[Fimela] SNSD’s Yuri
SNSD’s Yuri (Photo: Twitter / GirlsGeneration)

Girls’ Generation’s Beauty Secret- Apart from Tiffany, Yuri also does skincare through what she consumes. Yuri confessed that she diligently drank lemon water mixed with pure soda for five days in a row. According to Yuri, this drink called beneficial water can improve skin beauty.

4. Yoona


Girls’ Generation’s Beauty Secret- Coupled as the face of Innisfree beauty brand, Yoona has very dry skin. To fix this, he uses a mixture of three drops of face oil and moisturizing cream. Before leaving the house, Yoona will use a layer of moisturizer to ensure that her skin is moisturized all day long.

5. Sooyoung


the secret of kpop’s beautiful face– Having dry skin problems like Yoona, Sooyoung also has to make sure her skin is moisturized all day long. Different from Yoona who uses moisturizer, Sooyoung only uses facial oil from a well-known beauty brand.


6. Sunny


beautifull kpop secret

SNSD’s reunion at Tiffany Young’s birthday (Instagram / yulyulk)
SNSD’s reunion at Tiffany Young’s birthday (Instagram / yul

In her dailyulk) life, Sunny often carries a box containing her skincare products. The most favorite is boosting serum so that the skin appears naturally shiny and moisturized. To cover her face, Sunny always uses lip balm and a light BB cushion.

7. Hyoyeon


the secret of kpop’s beautiful face-Hyoyeon realized how many skincare products to use would be useless without fixing it from within. Since most of the skin problems she faces stem from stress, Hyoyeon has relieved her stress by doing activities that have become her hobby. After that, he just did skincare from the outside.

8 Seohyun


the secret of kpop’s beautiful face– According to Seohyun, the key to a beautiful skin appearance is a healthy lifestyle. For that, apart from using skincare products, Seohyun eats a lot of vegetables, fruits, and fresh soy milk.

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