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Getting to Know the Codependent Relationship Phenomenon in Drakor Nevertheless

Korean Drama Nevertheless

Korean dramas, however, are on the rise because of their interesting stories. It turns out that this drama is also introduced to a phenomenon called Codependent Relationship.

The drama nevertheless tells the story of Yu Na Bi and Park Jae Eon’s unclear relationship. Na Bi is repeatedly hurt because of Jae Eon’s non-serious treatment of her. However, Na Bi didn’t do much so she kept going back to Jae Eon who had hurt her.

This phenomenon is known as Codependent Relationship. What’s that? As reported by the LPDP Instagram page, a codependent relationship is a condition when a person is too dependent on the presence of others. This makes him always prioritize the happiness of others over his own.

Korean Drama Nevertheless

Relationships such as in the drama Nevertheless, it is also included in the types of toxic relationships. This relationship also harms you because you have to prioritize the happiness of others.

“The name is an unhealthy relationship, of course, it brings many negative impacts, especially from behavior that puts others first, often the aspiration to achieve achievement or one’s happiness must be willing to be set aside,”.


Negative Impact of Codependent Relationship as in Drama Nevertheless :


1. Uneasy to Determine Your Own Needs and Wants
Due to being too dependent on others, a person can hardly even determine his needs or desires for himself.

2. Put Other People’s Happiness

“It’s okay, as long as he’s happy.” As a form of reward, someone who is too dependent will prioritize the satisfaction of others above his happiness.

3. It’s hard to say ‘no’ and can’t make boundaries

A person who is trapped in addiction will find it difficult to refuse a request that he doesn’t even like. He is no longer able to limit the influence of others for himself.

4. It’s Hard to Admit Hurt and Angry Feelings
Moreover, if the opponent is a manipulative person and has a high temper. A dependent person will find it difficult to admit that he is hurt for fear that his opponent will be angry or disappointed.

How about you, do you belong in a codependent relationship like in the drama Nevertheless?