Full of Interesting Cases, 5 Most Exciting Cases in The Devil Judge

5 Most Exciting Cases in The Devil Judge

The Korean drama The Devil Judge tells of various crime cases that often occur in everyday life. But the difference is, the perpetrators of crimes are tried directly in the Live Court led by the famous judge Kang Yo Han.

At the Live Court, the public can watch the trial live and conduct an opinion poll about the punishment that the suspect deserves. There are various cases and crimes that have been successfully punished.


1. JU Chemical Case

This case is the opening in the early episode of The Devil Judge. JU Chemical produces waste disposal that flows into rivers that are the source of water for local residents.

The trial goes on how great their company is not guilty. After a lot of evidence was revealed, Yo Han (Ji Sung) finally sentenced the owner of the JU Chemical company, Ju Il Do (Jung Jae Sung), to a prison sentence of 235 years. Yo Han’s decision was well received by the public who witnessed it firsthand.

2. Lee Young Min’s case

Lee Young Min (played by Moon Dong Hyeok) became the second suspect to be tried during the Live Court. The challenge is, Young Min is not an ordinary member of society but the son of Minister of Justice Cha Kyung Hee. Therefore, Kyung Hee will do anything to save Young Min from punishment in Live Court.

Young Min has done a lot of verbal and physical violence against many people. He does not hesitate to damage other people’s property to the point of torturing those who dare to detain him. then vote and hope that Young Min will be severely punished according to the crime he committed.

Yo Han sentenced Young Min to caning. The punishment was carried out live so that everyone could see it.

3. The Case of Actor Nam Seok Hoon

The third case that was held in Live Court was about a crime committed by famous actor Nam Seok Hoon (played by Kang Seo Joon). He was charged with sexual violence based on three reports of sexual assault treatment and two immoral acts experienced by the victim.

So far, Seok Hoon has used his position as a famous actor to take advantage of the young actresses he works with. Prosecutors offered 20 years in prison and were physically castrated for the crimes.

The trial of the Nam Seok Hoon case was heated, because Yo Han did not immediately give a decision on the first day of trial. However, recently Yo Han handed down a shocking sentence, namely a prison sentence of 20 years, but not an ordinary prison. Seok Hoon was thrown into a special prison for criminals who commit sexual crimes, which is located in Texas, United States.

4. The case of Juk Chang

Juk Chang (played by Lee Hae Woon) is a YouTube vlogger who commits acts of violence and incitement to many people. Juk Chang didn’t do it alone, because he had fans who would help him with this dirty work. In addition, Juk Chang once attacked Yoon Soo Hyun (played by Park Gyu Young) and Elijah (played by Jang Chae Eun), when the two were out together.

Juk Chang feels himself immune from the law, because he believes President Heo Joong Se (Baek Hyun Jin) will protect him. Even so, Yo Han still sentenced Juk Chang. The sentence given was three years in prison and during his probationary period Juk Chang was required to wear an electronic wristband that could track his whereabouts. After the trial Juk Chang received retribution for his crimes. He was beaten by many people and could feel for himself the crimes he had committed against others.

5. Kim Ga On’s Fraud Case

This time it’s not about a case that wasn’t shown in Live Court. The story is, Ga On and his family become victims of a fraud case. Actually, Ga On was used to living a tough life long ago. Ga On’s father dies by suicide due to being a victim of a money scam. While his mother, who was shocked by all the events, fainted, then died.

Doh Young Choon is the one who is responsible for deceiving Ga On’s parents. Unfortunately, when Ga On and Yo Han came to the prison to find out about Young Choon’s current condition, the person they met with the name Doh Young Choon was different from the Doh Young Choon they were looking for. Yo Han along with Ga On try to catch the real Young Choon. They managed to find and impose a proper punishment.

So, of all the cases that Yo Han has solved, which case is your favourite?