Formerly Poor Now Rich, This is an Inspiring Story of 6 KPop Stars

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Kpop Update Everyone is born with a different fate. Some are fortunate to be able to live a more prosperous life, while others have to accept the bitter fate of living below the poverty line.

For these six artists, success in life can be achieved thanks to their relentless struggle and hard work. They have to taste the bitterness of life before living in a wallow like now. Now, his name is well known to many people, and sits in a row of famous South Korean artists.

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1. SHINee’s Taemin


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Kpop Update  This handsome man turned out to have to go through a difficult life before he became famous. His father’s salary was so mediocre that he could not buy the things he wanted.

While still in high school, SHINee’s Taemin couldn’t even buy MP3s like his friends. He also only wore earphones and seemed to be listening to a song.

2. Super Junior’s Leeteuk


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The Super Junior frontman always looks happy and radiant, so it’s hard to imagine him ever being in such a gloomy state. But Leeteuk once mentioned that he not only lived in a poor family, but he witnessed many arguments that his parents had. He even admitted that his father used to beat him.

3. Yunho TVXQ


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Yunho is a member of TVXQ, the legendary boy band that made K-Pop become known internationally. He used to come from an underprivileged family. Because of the crisis, even his family had to lose their place of residence.

4. Sojin


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At first, Sojin’s parents didn’t approve of him being an artist. Because he wanted to make his dream come true, Sojin finally dared to run away to Seoul and do odd jobs to make ends meet. Not only that, but he also lived in a small studio before finally passing the audition at Dream Tea Entertainment.

5. Rain

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Megastar Rain grew up in a poor family in a slum neighborhood. Many misfortunes he had ever felt. At that time his mother had to die of diabetes because he could not afford treatment. Even before he died, his mother only ate a packet of instant ramen.

6. G-Dragon & Taeyang


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The two BIGBANG members admitted that they often starved when they were still trainees. If calculated, within a month they both have to struggle to live with the US $ 4.5 or Rp.59 thousand to meet their daily needs.