Gen4 World Domination! 8 Most Popular Generation 4 K-Pop Groups Today

Gen4 kpop

2021 will be a shining year for the fourth generation of K-Pop groups. The success of these groups can be seen from their songs that dominate various charts and are followed by a series of proud achievements.

This success made Hanteo Chart release a list of the most successful fourth-generation K-Pop groups since their debut in the last four years. Here’s the list:


Gen4 Kpop

Debuting in 2019, ITZY was named the most successful fourth-generation K-Pop group among other K-Pop groups. The success of the JYP Entertainment group was increasingly seen when they released the Guess Who album in April 2021.

ITZY’s popularity can also be seen from the increase in their Instagram followers by 2.72 million, which makes them the second-highest K-Pop group in the fourth generation.

2. aespa

Gen4 Kpop

Aespa’s success has seen its debut. This Winter Cs achievement made them crowned as Monster Rookies. aespa is also increasingly showing its popularity by dominating digital streaming with the highest score and breaking many records through the singles Black Mamba and Next Level.

3. TXT

Gen4 Kpop

021 was also a brilliant year for TXT because they managed to steal the attention of fans globally. This can be seen from the sales of their third album, The Chaos Chapter: Freeze which was released in May 2021.

So far, TXT’s latest album has sold more than 700,000 copies and is ranked in the top ten on the global authentication chart.

4. Stray Kids

Gen4 Kpop

Stray Kids is considered to be the group leading the current fourth generation. Of course, this cannot be separated from Stray Kids’ success through every work that always explodes.

Not to mention, some time ago Felix Cs managed to come out victorious in the survival event Kingdom: Legendary War. Their success can also be seen from their followers on social media to make them a fourth-generation idol group that has successfully achieved global popularity.


Gen4 Kpop

The fifth position is followed by TREASURE. The group, which debuted in 2020, managed to achieve great success on the Hanteo charts. TREASURE is also in the third position of the fourth generation group with large social media growth, having managed to collect 1.68 million subscribers on YouTube.


Gen4 Kpop

During their debut, STAYC became a group that was often underestimated. But it turned into a compliment after they achieved a myriad of achievements. One of them is by achieving the second-highest digital score for the fourth generation girl band.

Although not from a Big 3 agency, STAYC has shown its popularity and achievements as a group to be reckoned with.


Gen4 Kpop

The next position is filled with ENHYPEN. With only about seven months since their debut, ENHYPEN managed to achieve great success as a fourth-generation boy band in the international arena.

Even their last album, which was released last May, managed to achieve total album sales of more than 500,000 copies.


Gen4 Kpop

In the last position is ATEEZ. Throughout 2021, the group headed by Kim Hong Joong has shown its global popularity. They were named the best-selling artist because of the success of their latest album which sold more than 420,000 copies.

ATEEZ is also ranked in the top ten for global authentication, which shows its international popularity.

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