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Doom At Your Service: A 100-Day Agreement That Makes You Broken!

Doom At Your Service

Doom At Your Service is one of the most popular Korean drama titles. The drama aired on tvN seems to be a longing medicine for Drakor lovers who are waiting for shows with light stories and don’t bother having to think about theories.

Doom At Your Service is tvN’s new way this year to return to presenting a romance wrapped in fantasy. Watching the first and second episodes brings back the story of Goblin: The Lonely and Great God.

If in Goblin there is Kim Shin who has lived 900 years, in Doom At Your Service, there is a destroyer named Myeol Mang (Seo In Guk) who made a 100-day agreement with Tak Dok Kyung (Park Bo Young).


Doom At Your Service


Doom At Your Service – This Korean drama opens with an illustration of the story of Myul Mang and Deong Kyung in an animation that spoils the eye. Not a few viewers remembered the opening scene, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, which also used animated illustrations. Of course, this is Doom At Your Service’s unique way of describing a fantasy romance story.

Since the beginning, this drama has had a straightforward story. The first episode immediately presents the story of Tak Dong Kyung, who turns out to be suffering from a disease, and doctors predict that his life will only last for about a year with therapy. This drama has a different way of portraying the psychological and mental condition of the main character who has an illness.

Tak Dong Kyung is described as a woman who is strong and better prepared to face her death. Myul Mang and Dong Kyung’s first meeting was also unique. Because Dong Kyung’s desire to see the world destroyed is heard by Myul Mang, making Myul Mang want to work with Dong Kyung to destroy the world which became the main task when the gods set it to become a destroyer.

Myul Mang, who knows that Dong Kyung’s life will not be long, makes a 100-day agreement so that Dong Kyung won’t feel sick when he dies. Starting from that agreement, Myul Mang was always by Dong Kyung’s side.

Even though it has only aired for two episodes, the audience has been baffled by Myul Mang’s sweet attitude and concern for Dong Kyung. Like when they hold hands every day while exchanging stories. From the very beginning, it has made me feel bored, what other sweet moments will happen between the two of them?

Not only are the stories of the two main characters interesting, but the supporting characters also steal the attention.

Doom At Your Service

Doom At Your Service – The love triangle story between Na Ji Na (Shin Do Hyun), Cha Joo Ik (Lee Soo Hyuk), and Lee Hyun Kyu (Kang Tae Oh) is also one of the things that viewers of this drama have been waiting for the most. Even though in the first two episodes there was no sweet moment between them, it looks like it will soon be revealed with a flashback of their story in the following episodes.

One mystery that is still a puzzle is Myul Mang’s relationship with Sonyeoshion. In both episodes, it is not known who Sonyeoshion is. Myul Mang’s past before becoming a destroyer is still a mystery. What reason made Myul Mang set by the gods to live out his destiny as a destroyer? Then is his destiny related to Dong Kyung?

You can find the answer by watching Doom At Your Service on Viu every Monday and Tuesday.