BTS Comeback with Butter, US Margarine Company Joining Stupid, The newest BTS

bts korean boy band

bts korean boy band

The newest BTS-BTS fever seems to be coming back. As is known, J-Hope et al will come back with their latest single, “Butter.”

Not only fans of BTS aka Army enthusiastically welcome the return of the “Dynamite” chants. Many world companies are also excited about the comeback of Jungkook et al.

The proof, several official world trademark accounts have tweeted about the return of BTS with “Butter”. Starting from streaming service accounts to margarine.

BTS korean boy band

First, the two music streaming platforms Spotify and Amazon Music. Given their line of business that is directly related to the release of “Butter”, it’s no wonder they tweeted on Wednesday (28/4/2021).  Latest BTS news

“We’re melting (we melted),” as soon as the Spotify Twitter account responded to the announcement from Big Hit Music, BTS’s agency.

While Amazon Music wrote, “Can’t wait (can’t wait).”

Margarine Brand


BTS korean boy band

The funny thing is, the verified account belongs to the US margarine brand I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! follow along with commenting.

“When a K-Pop legend writes a song about the thing you hate #whatsmelting,” read the account tweeted. As a spice, they added a moving picture of a woman with the words “The lord is testing me” aka God is testing me.


Butter brand


BTS Korean Boy Band


Afterward, they tweeted again, suggesting that BTS use their product name as the title for their new song.

“”Hi, @BTS_twt I have a note regarding the title of your new song..

Reporting from Koreaboo, the butter brand Land o Lakes is absurdly excited when they know the title of BTS’s new song.

“You better believe @BTS_twt made us nervous about this one!


May 21st


BTS kpop

Meanwhile, BTS has published the release date of the teaser and other promotional materials.

Starting with a teaser poster on May 2, the song and music video for “Butter” will be released to the public on May 21, 2021. “Butter” itself is revealed to be a dance-pop genre song and is the K-Pop idol’s second song with English lyrics. (Latest BTS news)

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