10 bob hairstyles for female KPop idols, BLACKPINK’s Lisa to ITZY’s Ryujin

Lisa Blackpink
Lisa Blackpink Hair Style 2021 Photo: Instagram @lalalalisa_m

Blackpink Hair StyleLooking beautiful doesn’t have to have long hair. This has been proven by several female KPop idols who have bob hairstyles. His hairstyle makes him look fresher and more youthful.( Blackpink Hair Style)

From Lisa BLACKPINK to Ryujin ITZY has tried bob hairstyles. For those of you who want to be different, there’s nothing wrong with trying a haircut that hits in South Korea.

Here are 10 female KPop idol-style bob hairstyles that can be used as inspiration:

  1. TWICE’s Jeongyeon has had short hairstyles throughout his career. From boyish cut cuts since debuting with the song ‘OOH-AHH’ to a red-brown bob hairstyle in the ‘LIKEY’ era. The styling ends of her hair make Jeongyeon look feminine.


Lisa Blackpink Hair Style 2021 Photo: JYP Entertainment doc

2.Black bob hairstyle has been attached to Binnie Oh My Girl since its debut. The owner of the real name Bae Yu Bin again chose a similar hairstyle when he joined the sub-unit Oh My Girl Banana. He looks even sweeter with ‘full and blunt’ bangs.

Lisa Blackpink Hair Style 2021 Photo: WM Entertainment doc

  1. Owners of round faces can try GFRIEND’s SinB bob hairstyle. The center and main dancer of GFRIEND chose a sleek bob haircut during the promotion of the album ‘Walpurgis Night’. As a result, the appearance looks ‘badass’ and through maintenance, because it doesn’t have much styling.


Lisa Blackpink Hair Style 2021 Photo: doc Source Music
  1. BLACKPINK’s Lisa proves that she suits any hairstyle. His trademark long hair and bangs when debuted with the song ‘BOOMBAYAH’ to a bob hairstyle in the ‘Lovesick Girls’ era. She exclaimed, Lisa’s hidden ombre color will be seen when the hair is parted or pinned.


blackpink hair style
  1. This is the hairstyle that has become a hot topic of conversation in Korea in 2019. Red Velvet’s Wendy, which is synonymous with long hair, makes netizens hang out with a long bob cut. Several salons in Korea have received requests to imitate a cut called the ‘Wendy cut’. The ombre at the ends of her hair is worth trying.


Lisa Blackpink Hair Style 2021 Photo: doc SM Entertainment


  1. Yuqi (G) -IDLE is back experimenting with bob hairstyles this year. After previously choosing a blunt bob cut, now this face of the group (G) -IDLE appears with a short bob to promote the mini-album ‘I Burn’. The thin layer accents at the ends of the hair enhance her appearance.


Lisa Blackpink Hair Style 2021 Photo: doc Cube Entertainment


  1. The IZ * ONE vocalist and visual has had a short bob haircut since his debut with the song ‘La Vie en Rose’. In the era of ‘Violeta’, Sakura chose to lengthen her hair to have a shoulder-length bob. Her hairstyle accentuates the side of the ear which is a charming point.


Lisa Blackpink Hair Style 2021 Photo: doc Off The Record Entertainment

  1. Dare to be different? You can try MAMAMOO’s Hwasa bob hairstyle while promoting the album ‘Melting’. The vocalist and maknae of MAMAMOO have a bright orange short bob cut. For the appearance to be sweeter, bangs can be combed to the side.


Lisa Blackpink Hair Style 2021 Photo: doc RBW Entertainment

  1. IU’s appearance in the video clip ‘Palette’ made fans nervous. This 27-year-old soloist is known as the owner of a babyface. However, the short bob hairstyle makes him even younger. Moreover, IU chose to tie it half up.


Lisa Blackpink Hair Style 2021 hoto: doc Fave Entertainment

  1. ITZY Ryujin is known to have many fans from both men and women. His appearance on his comeback with the song ‘WANNABE’ also captured attention. The reason is, the short sapphire blue bob hairstyle further accentuates the jawline and glowing face.


Lisa Blackpink Hair Style 2021 Photo: doc Andar