Sandara Park Is Beautiful And Young At 36 Years Old, Hhis Is The Secret

Beautiful Secret Of Sandra Park
Beautiful Secret Of Sandra Park

Beautiful Secret Of Sandra Park – Sandara Park is warmly discussed by netizens and fans. The former 2NE1 member decided to leave the YG Entertainment agency that raised his name.

The news suddenly shocked netizens when it was announced by YG
Entertainment, Friday (14/5/2021) yesterday. The reason is, Sandara Park is the last 2NE1 member to leave YG Entertainment.

In its official statement, YG Entertainment said it was ready to support Sandara Park’s career, who joined for the last 17 years. 2NE1’s visuals are no longer continuing their contract.

“Sandara Park joined YG Entertainment in 2004, and after debuting with 2NE1 in 2009, she has shown impressive performances, not only in music, but in various fields such as acting, fashion, beauty, and MC,” said a YG Entertainment statement.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 has long disbanded since 2016. Sandara Park is also more active on YouTube and shares her daily life with fans through a vlog, which is named Datalog.

Sandara Park also shared her secret of looking pretty youthful. Who would have thought that the owner of the DARA TV YouTube channel was 36 years old?

Stepping at the age of three, Sandara Park maintains the youthfulness of her skin by using skincare with active ingredients retinol. He also has a skincare routine at night before going to bed.

Before getting more curious, here are the secrets of Sandara Park’s youthful beauty at the age of 36:

1. Simple Skincare Stage

Beautiful Secret Of Sandra Park – Sandara Park admits that she doesn’t use a lot of skincare products. According to him, using one or two products that make changes is sufficient as a skin care stage.

“Instead of piling up a lot of products, I think it’s better to keep it (the skincare stage) simple,” said Sandara Park.


2. Maintain Moisture Dry Skin

 Beautiful Secret Of Sandra Park
Beautiful Secret Of Sandra Park

Beautiful Secret Of Sandra Park – During the pandemic, Sandara Park admitted to having skin problems because she had to travel wearing a mask. Therefore, after washing her face she used toner and continued with serum.

The older brother of Thunder MBLAQ wears a serum in the morning and at night, to protect his skin from UV rays. The product he uses is Dr. Different which contains vitamins C, E, and CoQ10.


3. Using Eye Cream Around the Lips

Beautiful Secret Of Sandra Park – Interestingly, Sandara Park doesn’t just use eye cream under the eyes. He also put it around the lips, to be precise on the chin. This KPop idol, who is active in the Philippines, then flattens the eye cream by patting his face until the product is evenly distributed.


4. Using a cream made from retinol

 Beautiful Secret Of Sandra Park
Beautiful Secret Of Sandra Park

Beautiful Secret Of Sandra Park – Steps taken by Sandara Park to prevent premature aging is to use a cream made from 0.05% retinol every night. “After using this product, I noticed changes in skin tone and texture of my skin, so I use it a lot,” he said.

Sandara Park added cream containing regional helps fight wrinkles under the eyes, dimples, and neck. However, he will first use a moisturizer that can minimize irritation due to products with the active ingredient retinol.

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