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After Start-Up, Bae Suzy Stars in Korean Drama The Second Anna

Bae Suzy Starring in Korean Drama The Second Anna

Do you still remember Seo Dal-mi who made women and other Korean drama fans into a commotion divided into two camps between #TeamNamDoSan and #TeamHanJipyeong? After successfully playing Seo Dal-mi in the drama Start-Up last year, Bae Suzy is ready to test her acting skills again through a new drama project. The 26-year-old actress is rumored to be starring in Coupang Play’s original series titled The Second Anna.

Bae Suzy Starring in Korean Drama The Second Anna

In response to the news, a source from his agency Management SOOP stated that the actress was indeed considering playing in the drama. “Suzy is positively reviewing the casting offer for The Second Anna,” said one representative of her agency.

The Second Anna is the latest Korean drama directed by Lee Joo-young who previously worked on the film A Single Rider (2017), a film starring Lee Byung-hun and Gong Hyo-jin. The drama The Second Anna was originally planned to be a film, but turned into an eight-episode drama project.

The drama will tell the story of a woman named Anna who tries to live someone else’s life—similar to “Ripley Syndrome,” which is a type of antisocial personality disorder in which the person constantly lies and believes in a fictional world that isn’t real.

Bae Suzy Starring in Korean Drama The Second Anna

Suzy decided to star in the drama project The Second Anna, because of her belief in director Lee Joo-young and the drama script he had worked on. The production team for The Second Anna plans to start filming immediately this year after the casting process is over

Well, can’t wait to see Bae Suzy’s stunning action again on the small screen? So you don’t miss the latest information about the filming process for The Second Anna