Badass Concept, 9 B-Side Track Girl Group KPop It’s Fun for Dance

This 9 B Side Track Girl Group KPop is Fun for Dance

Although not as popular as the title track the b-side tracks in an album are no less good. Like the b-sidetracks that are owned by some popular K-Pop girl groups. Usually, the song is wrapped with a thick badass feel so it is very suitable for dancing.

Make you addicted in one listen, here are nine b-sidetracks from the K-Pop girl group in question. Check this out!

1. Part of ITZY’s GUESS WHO mini-album, the song “Kidding Me” will make you addicted to its powerful music

2. Make you addicted in one listen, the song “Loca” belonging to TRI.BE was produced directly by S. Tiger and LE EXID, you know

3. With BLACKPINK’s trademark swag, the song “Pretty Savage” has become one of the most popular K-Pop b-sidetracks

4. Identical to the cute concept, the song “Touchdown” TWICE proves that they can try various musical concepts

5. It is the third song in the mini-album -77.82X-78.29, the vocals of the EVERGLOW members sound so addictive in the song “GxxD BOY”

6. So catchy and energetic, this signature’s “ASSA” will make you excited. Must add to the playlist!

7. The dance/hip-hop genre, a mix of vocals, dance, and rap of the WJSN members in the song “Catch Me” is guaranteed to amaze you

8. Sounds so powerful and playful, the song “$$$” from (G)I-DLE was written directly by the leader, Soyeon

9. Released on November 17, 2020, the song “LA LA LA” by Bling Bling has unique lyrics and melodies. The chorus is really fun to dance to!

Although not as popular as the title track, these songs are very worthy to be included in your dance playlist. By the way, which is your favorite b-sidetrack?

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