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Allegedly Disbanded, 6 GFRIEND Members Write Letters of Apology to Fans


About GFRIENDT – he shocking news came from GFRIEND who chose to leave the Source Music agency. The six-member group is rumored to be temporarily suspending its activities.

The news announced on Monday (17/5/2021) yesterday is still a question mark for fans. The reason is, GFRIEND has rarely been hit by lopsided issues during its six-year career.

Two days later, Herald Pop reported that all GFRIEND’s scheduled activities had been removed from the fan cafe. Source Music has stopped uploading GFRIEND videos on Youtube since announcing the news.

Shortly after that, Korean netizens were shocked by Yuju’s sister GFRIEND’s post on the Instagram account. Even though there was no notification of disbandment, they suspected that the older brother’s message was a sign.

“A new beginning is often disguised as a painful ending. I am very proud of all of you and I hope that you fly even higher, happier than you can ever imagine,” wrote GFRIEND’s sister Yuju.

Until finally, today (20/5/2021), the six GFRIEND members spoke up about this sudden news. Each of them wrote a handwritten letter uploaded through GFRIEND’s Reverse account.

The members expressed their gratitude for the support given by BUDDY (as GFRIEND fans) and apologized for making shocking news. Will the GFRIEND members stay together after this?
The following is the contents of the letter of apology for GFRIEND members who are threatened with disbanding:


1. Fill in Sowon GFRIEND’s Letter


About GFRIENDT – In his letter, the leader apologized to fans for the shocking news. He promised to make up for it by showing a good image.

“Even though GFRIEND has ended, this is not the end of us, so don’t be too sad, BUDDY,” wrote GFRIEND’s Sowon.

He admitted that he regretted not being able to meet fans for longer. But going forward, Sowon will still think about BUDDY.

“Even though I’m worried about a path I’ve never taken before, I will work hard while thinking of BUDDY, who has always supported me.”


2. Fill in GFRIEND’s Yerin Letter


About GFRIENDT – The vocalist and center of the GFRIEND group expressed his gratitude to fans and Source Music via letters. After six years of career, Yerin chose to part with the agency.
“In the future, I will not forget these memories and live hard working. Thank you for giving me cool memories in my twenties,” wrote Yerin GFRIEND.

On Wednesday (19/5/2021) yesterday, Yerin was reported to have undergone solo activities after leaving Source Music. According to Herald Pop reports, he will appear in the show Beauty Time Season 3.

The program will air its first episode on Sunday (30/5/2021). Besides Yerin GFRIEND, there will be Jiyeon T-ara and Choa ex AOA who share beauty tips in the style of KPop idols.


3. Fill in Eunha GFRIEND’s letter


About GFRIENDT – Eunha considers the six years of working with GFRIEND as the most beautiful memory in her life. The vocalist of the GFRIEND group will still remember fans and the times they spent together.
“I am very grateful that you have become a very calming and reliable BUDDY for GFRIEND. BUDDY must always be healthy and happy,” wrote GFRIEND’s Eunha.

In the future, Eunha still wants to have a career as a singer and repay the beautiful memories that BUDDY gave.


4. Fill in Yuju GFRIEND’s letter


GFRIEND’s Yuju is worried about fans’ shocked reactions to this news. He also apologized to everyone who had cried and laughed with GFRIEND for the past six years.
“This moment is much more beautiful because I can meet the members, and it is an honor to be able to sing and dance in front of fans who support us,” wrote the main vocalist of GFRIEND.

At the end of the letter, Yuju said she would never forget the expressions, gazes, and voices of fans when GFRIEND was on stage.


5. Fill in the Letter of SinB GFRIEND


SinB GFRIEND expressed his gratitude for being able to perform good songs during his six years of career. He regrets not being able to keep his promise to meet fans longer.
“All my memories for the past six years are the happiest moments that can’t be replaced with anything else,” said the main dancer of GFRIEND.

SinB also expressed his gratitude to Source Music, which has registered himself as a member of GFRIEND.


6. Fill in GFRIEND’s Emoji Letter

The members’ letters were closed by the maknae. Emoji said that in the future he and other GFRIEND members will spend time differently.

For BUDDY who is injured and not ready for this separation, I hope that my desire to hug you is conveyed, “wrote Eumji GFRIEND.

At the end of the letter, Eumji expressed his gratitude to Source Music agency who has worked hard for GFRIEND. And to the members who have shared valuable experiences