9 K-Pop Girl Groups That Have Chinese Versions of Songs, All Impressive!

K-Pop Girl Groups That Have a Chinese Version of the Song

The songs of K-Pop idol stars in Japanese, Chinese, and English versions managed to steal the attention of fans from various countries.

Certain versions of songs are considered easy for fans who are not fluent in Korean to understand.

Many K-Pop girl groups dare to release songs in Chinese, you know. Anything? Here are 11 of them.

1. EXID’s “Up & Down” has a catchy feel in Chinese and has been popular in various circles

2. Being on the album Remember, T-ara’s Chinese version of “Tiamo” has fans baffled with its meaning

3. “Heart Attack” from AOA which is popular in Korea is also released in Chinese with an equally cheerful MV

4. (G)I-DLE is increasingly actively releasing songs in various languages, including “Hwaa” which has a Chinese version

5. Oh My Girl members are also very fluent in singing the song “Liar Liar” in Chinese, you know

6. WJSN has many Chinese songs, including “I Wish” which is easily accepted among fans of various countries

7. A few days before debut, Miss A released the iconic and unforgettable “Love Again” in Chinese

8. Various versions of Wonder Girls’ songs have become fan favorites, including “2 Different Tears” in Chinese

9. Talking about love in silence, WJSN’s “Secret” has an interesting meaning in Chinese

Of course, to sing a song in a foreign language requires its effort. For that, the girl groups who sing the song above certainly deserve appreciation.

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